You would never associate the title of KING with gluten-free and that’s why it’s important that diagnosed celiac Jordan Middlebrook calls himself ‘KING GLUTEN FREE’. The King is supposed to be someone you look up to when the times get tough and you need to find all the answers you need. As a blogger, personality and celiac advocate JORDAN MIDDLEBROOK is taking the title of “King” and making it as important and pronounced in the gluten-free community as much as he can.

Jordan Middlebrook is also King Gluten Free

When diagnosed with celiac disease in 2008, Jordan Middlebrook didn’t really have anyone to turn to. A few photocopied sheets of what food gluten was hiding in, was the only comfort and medical knowledge he was given to maneuver around the barely known disease. Just because the doctor knew what to test didn’t mean he knew what he was doing in terms of guiding a 27 year old man in the right direction for a new diet and new lifestyle. Even at that time, Jordan Middlebrook didn’t know what a ‘blogger’ was (still on a good day, the definition is kind of fuzzy).

Jordan’s wife has always supported him in anything he choose to do, and when the diagnosis of celiac hit and altered the family dynamic; she was always by his side. Even now, as the family has grown with the addition of his daughter in 2010, the support never ceased. Educating her that Daddy can’t eat gluten and that people eat differently has always been a part of how their household works and understand each other.

It’s just that, sometimes, Daddy can’t have the same dinner as everyone else.

In 2013, after 6 months of being a parent blogger for a different website, Jordan decided that it was time to add his male perspective to a barely known world. Celiac disease still wasn’t a hot topic, but the idea of what gluten-free is and what a gluten-free diet was, saw rising status in the public’s eye. A lack of male blogger direction within the community directed Jordan to become KING GLUTEN FREE; a new, unique, effective and honest voice for a community that was slowly rising like a choir to advocate their issues and choices in a world that was unaware of what the true meaning of CELIAC DISEASE was. Jordan, along with his many online colleagues, has created an amazing community of people and advocates to educate all those about celiac disease and what it means to live the medically diagnosed gluten-free lifestyle.

On top of his blogging and advocating, Jordan has found success as the co-host of GEORGINA LIFE, a television show that airs live and runs in repeats on ROGERS tv (find a clip of him making gluten-free food, by clicking HERE)

Search around the internet, and you’ll never find another Canadian male celiac/gluten-free advocate quite like Jordan Middlebrook. Across the board of social media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, his followers, readers and supporters relish his daily posts with gusto and an amazing peek into the life of a common individual diagnosed with celiac disease.

There is never any shortage of stories to tell about celiac disease and never any wrong way to advocate to the public and gluten-free community. Jordan Middlebrook will ensure that whoever is listening (and sometimes those who need to be yelled at) know that celiac disease is as much a part of his life and those around him, just as much as we need each other for support.

Celiac is as much a disease as it is support for one another, and that’s how Jordan wants it and that’s why he is and always will be KING GLUTEN FREE.