I Review Neal Bros. Gluten-Free Food

I’m Canadian and I get to taste a lot of Canadian gluten-free food. I like it a lot to when the company of said gluten-free food is basically right around the corner from me, less than an hour drive and coupled with an amazing story. The Neal Bros. starting making croutons in their mother’s basement in 1998 and have moved on to make some of the finest gluten-free foods from natural and unique ingredients.

NEAL BROS. (website can be found by clicking HERE) we’re brought to my attention via Instagram and through they, they reached out to me to review some of their special and different kinds of food. On top of the massive a mount of food they sent me (including free trade coffee which is always awesome to get) they sent me various other food that they supply from their stores. NEAL BROS is a true Canadian success story and I am happy to be able to get my hands on some of their products.

Of the gluten-free products I received, it was tough to really call one or two out as not the best of the bunch, or not my favourite. Priding yourself on different tasting foods can be a tough horse to ride, and while NEAL BROS does do that, some of the products didn’t hit home with me.

Neal Bros. BBQ sauce on chicken


The barbecue sauce was something I really had high hopes for. I put it on a lot of products and in the long run, it didn’t stay in our house very long because it was sued on everything. The problem with the Neal Bros Classic BBQ sauce was that it didn’t stand out. There was no real flavour setting it apart from any other sauce on the shelf. Other than the fact that is was gluten-free, it fell flat for me.

Neal Bros. Caeser dressing on sausages and I hammered the bottle to get the rest of it out and onto my cucumbers.


On the other hand, the Neal Bros Creamy Caeser dressing was balls out amazing. The website says rich and creamy and there is no fact more true. The only part they left out was that it was packed, packed, PACKED with flavour. I liked it so much I literally drowned all food that i could in it. It was more than a salad dressing to me, it was replacement beauty in a jar. And all the beauty went on my food.

I AM A MAPLE AND BACON GUY. Look anywhere on my site and I am all about taking maple syrup and utilizing it as my secret ingredient in almost all food I make (my wife even started doing this very same thing). Does this make me the authority on anything tat combines maple and bacon flavouring together? I’m Canadian too, so I know a thing or two about both of them… it’s to bad Neal Bros isn’t the only company that can’t get this to work. I wasn’t a fan of the Maple Bacon Kettle Cooked Chips. Maybe this isn’t a flavour that should be put on chips, it doesn’t seem to work.


Neal Bros is about organic snack food and they mega props for the gluten-free Cheese Puffs. Light, airy, packed with flavour and a lot better than competing major brands. Before I knew it, I was done this bag of snacks. To me, expiry dates on products make no never mind, I eat all food before it ever gets close to the date. The Organic Cheese Puffs top my list.

Making snack foods gluten-free is always a good thing for me and all my fellow diagnosed celiacs. It’s worry free eating and gives us something really awesome to pound back while we’re watching reruns of Star Trek. It’s nice to have good tasting restaurant quality gluten-free tortillas in the house. Neal Bros really has a grasp on how to get GF alternatives to food and thats something to be commemorated, this is also on top of their wide selection of sauces and dips and salsa.

Neal Bros Salsa and Netflix.


Aaaaand speaking of salsa. Neal Bros makes the best gluten-free corn salsa. I dare you to call me a liar. My sister (who is also gluten-free) sang me praises about the Neal Bros all natural corn salsa when I told her I had some. She wasn’t wrong, it’s that good. (*sidenote: I am not a spice fan. No matter the level of heat involved in food I am not a fan. The Neal Bros salsa is low level spice and it is too hot for me. Like the lowest of spicy-ness. Despite the heat, i still really liked it) It’s fresh tasting and packed with taste. It goes great with their tortillas. I even put it on some of my chicken one day at dinner.

NEAL BROS is an amazing collection of gluten-free foods and you need to go to their website HERE and see what I mean, and maybe order yourself some of their products. You never have to take my word on how I feel about food I review, but the eclectic nature of the NEAL BROS catalogue really needs a shot, and I want you to give them a try. Just click HERE.

All opinions are mine. I was not compensated for this post. The food was sent free to me, in exchange for an honest and unique review. Now with that out of the way; someone please send me gluten-free pizza to review.    -Jordan


See. Tortillas and Star Trek. I wasn’t lying.
BBQ sauce on my burger
BBQ Sauce on my chicken.
Neal Bros Maple Bacon potato chips. The bag is crumpled because I forgot to take a picture of it and I had to fish it out of the garbage. Sorry for being a terrible blogger.
Neal Bros. Salsa.