I Review Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce

When I get a chance to review gluten-free food, I make no qualms about how I feel about it. It can be good or bad or tasty or terrible. I’m honest enough to tell you what I think of food. Luckily, in all my years of being able to give you honest reviews of gluten-free food, it’s rare that I find one that tastes terrible.

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World Famous MONTGOMERY INN bbq sauce claims to be the best of the best. Here in Canada, Kraft makes an exceptional bbq sauce, but I will tell you this right up front; MONTGOMERY INN bbq sauce blows it out of the water. While I am lucky enough to get my hands on some amazing gluten-free food, I also happen to come across the best gluten-free food. For instance, the Tomato Bisque soup from Cori’s Cafe is the soup in which Campbell’s needs to get their head checked. The Tomato Bisque from Cori’s Cafe is what all soups should be measured by (I stand by that 100%). It looks like Kraft needs to step up their game, because MONTGOMERY INN truly has brought about a world famous bbq sauce. A bbq sauce in which everything needs to take it’s cues from.

A lot of hot dogs were harmed in this gluten-free food review

I liked the bbq sauce from MONTGOMERY INN so much, that I was finding excuses to pour it onto my food. I was frying veggies and putting the bbq sauce on. I was having gluten-free hot dogs and using as much as I could. The flavour was just perfect. A mild taste of what a bbq sauce should was all over this MONTGOMERY INN bbq sauce.

In addition to being gluten-free and being made without high fructose corn syrup, the sauce has always been fat free, peanut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and tree nut-free.

I make no qualms about my food.

I am a diagnosed celiac and have to eat 100% gluten-free in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because of this, a lot of the foods I ate as a child have been crossed off and are now inedible to me due to the amount of gluten in them. Aside from the taste of MONTGOMERY INN bbq sauce there was a weird connection I felt to it… and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Then I realized, the MONTGOMERY INN bbq sauce reminded me of my grandparents (both of which passed away in 2010). The taste of the bbq sauce, somehow transported me to when Grandpa would cook steak on the bbq out back of their place and when Gramma would tend to the massive platters of meat in the kitchen. Then, all of us as a family would eat like kings and create memories for a lifetime. Little did I know, the gluten-filled food of my past could trigger current gluten-free memories now.

I used it as much as I could. Here I’m mixing the bbq sauce with brown sugar


MONTGOMERY INN bbq sauce did that which a lot of food hasn’t: created an emotional response.

The MONTGOMERY INN bbq is good. Probably the best bbq sauce I’ve ever had. But, they get an added bonus for helping me remember memories I thought were washed away with time.

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I was not paid in anyway for this honest food review. I was given some sauce. I ate some sauce. You read about the sauce.

I just like it.