Help Back This Gluten-Free Cook Book

When you take to Kickstarter you have a goal in mind and you have something you’d like to see come to the light of day. I fully understand the idea behind Kickstarter and I really do wish it was around when I was younger (I had a lot of great ideas).

You’ve heard of Tiffany Hinton right? She’s the boss over at GF Mom Certified? C’mon. At least remember that I reviewed her awesome book Three Days to Perfection which you can read by clicking HERE.

The recipe for these apple cinnamon muffins are in the book. CINNAMON!!!
The recipe for these apple cinnamon muffins are in the book. CINNAMON!!!

Well, Tiffany is at it again, only this time she is putting the ink to the paper and attempting to get her newest cook book KID APPROVED backed by some supporters via Kickstarter. I was a huge fan of her last piece of work (even though she totally owes me gluten-free eclairs) and I want to be a part of her new cook book KID APPROVED which is of course a gluten-free kids cookbook with 200 pages of fun and full colour images. It includes menus, shopping guides, party solutions and more.I have a kid and I could make her some GF treats, even though they’d secretly be for me. But, I’d like to see you help her out too. Just go to this link:

And start backing this awesome project.

The one thing that I like about this project is that this was a dream of her husbands and in the course of history, not a lot of people get to see their dream fulfilled. Sometimes not even a good idea gets to meet it’s full fruition. I’d like to see Mr. GF Mom Certified get to his goal: to see his idea of a kid friendly gluten-free cook book come alive.

You only have until April 22 2015 to back this great project. So get on it. So here is the link again, in case you missed it:

I donated.

Could you?