The Pam Jordan Guest Post

We all love a good guest post, and today is no exception. From our good buddy Pam Jordan of has graced my webpage with her wit, wisdom and whimsy all about travelling gluten free. SO PAY ATTENTION!!!

…and now Pam will start. 🙂

Travelling Gluten Free

You can let being Gluten Free keep you trapped in your home or you can get out there and enjoy new things!  I choose to do the latter.  I’d rather go to new places, try new food and experience life.  I travel a lot for work, family and with my blog,  My travel schedule has me gone about 1 weekend a month.  This means eating in new cities, eating on planes and taking road trips.

Eating Gluten Free can be difficult and intimidating when you are out of your comfort zone.  I get it.  There are some simple steps you can take to enjoy a Gluten Free trip.

1. Be prepared

Do your research about where you are traveling.  Use phone apps, websites and blogs to find safe Gluten Free places where you can eat.  I have experienced amazing food based on other people’s recommendations.

2. Take snacks

You never know when or where hunger will strike.  You also do not know if you will be able to find a safe option close by.  That means you need to have snacks handy.  I never travel anywhere without at least a Gluten Free protein bar.  I also bring small snacks of nuts, chips, granola bars and Gluten Free on the go meals.  A side note is that airplane food is a danger zone for Gluten.  It is safest to bring your own food.

3. Shop local

When you arrive at your destination, find a local grocery store.  Load up on fruit, veggies, Gluten Free cereal and other snacks.  When we go on family vacations we save money by cooking most of our meals.  This means I also create a weekly meal plan for us and buy all the groceries we need for the week.

4. Be flexible

Life happens and so does Gluten.  Do the best you can to find safe places ahead of time that you can eat at.  But know that sometimes plans change and you can end up at a random restaurant that you have not done your research on.  In those instances just order water, a salad with no dressing and enjoy the company of your family and friends.

Don’t let living Gluten Free keep you trapped!  You are free as a Gluten Free person, so get out there and live your life!

Thanks Pam. Now, make sure you check out her site, then look at these two links to her books.

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In case you missed those book links. 

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