Gluten-Free Chocolate Covered Pretzels

As a Celiac who has to eat 100% gluten-free you know that those special treats are hard to come by, and by special treats I mean candy bars and potato chips and all the little things we can indulge on. But thanks to Celiac Disease a lot of our past cravings have to take a back seat to healthier options like carrots or chia seeds (I don’t have a problem with any health food as a snack alternative, but that’s not what I’m here for today).

The two greatest words in the world are GLUTEN-FREE and when you slap those two words on chocolate covered pretzels you’ve probably got the most amazing this ever. As a Celiacateer finding chocolate covered pretzels is actually a lot tougher than you think. A local baker or an independent grocer might be able to make them, and at a premium price (add in the money making words like gluten-free, then you’ll be paying extra on top of extra). The accessibility of Glutino chocolate covered pretzels is pretty awesome, they’re right there in the GF aisle at my local grocer and while they pack a hefty price, they are excellent. Glutino makes the best, THE BEST chocolate covered gluten-free pretzels.


You can fight me on this all you want. I’m not backing down. To be honest, I’m not ever sure if there is another brand of GF choco pretz (I gotta admit I’ve said chocolate covered pretzel a lot in this blog, and from the looks of it, I’m going to be saying it a whole whack more), because Glutino is just a dominant force for pretzels, how could there be another brand (in retrospect, I never looked for another brand)


Usually we can always remember what our favourite food is and where we had the best part of our favourite food. Like the name of the restaurant where we had the greatest burger or the first bite of strawberry shortcake that melted in your mouth. I remember when I had the greatest chocolate covered pretzels, it was my honeymoon in 2005, Disney World. They made these chocolate covered pretzels and sold them at the Goofy Candy Shop, damn they were good. But that dream is gone, and is now replaced with weekly injections of Glutino gluten-free chocolate covered pretzels.


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I Review Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Mix

Can you name five things you have in your food pantry that have just always been there? I bet it’s probably: a can of soup, old gravy packets, a half-opened-hard bag of brown sugar, food colouring and possibly hot BBQ sauce. All the things that just get moved around and hidden in the back of the cupboard. It’s not a big deal, everyone has these items. I had a bag of XO BAKING COMPANY pumpkin bread mix sitting in the cupboard for a year. I got it as a Christmas gift (if you read back at some of my posts, I get a lot of gluten-free food for Christmas).

When you have Celiac Disease like I do, and you like baked goods like I do, and you can’t bake worth shit, like I do. It’s important to find a great gluten-free company that does lot of the work for you and you know I love XO Baking and it should come as no surprise that this Gluten-Free Food Review is a positive one, so I’ll just get right to all the awesome stuff about the pumpkin bread mix. It’s moist when you make it, it’s not dry or crumbly, even after baking it and having it sit in the fridge for a few days, still moist.


No nuts. I’m not sure where this all started where bakers started putting nuts in their food, but it needs to end. XO Baking has it figured out, no nuts in the pumpkin bread mix.

This stuff tastes good. No matter what way you say it or spin it, XO Baking Company has a solid product with this pumpkin bread mix. It cooked nice and crusty on the top and held together when it was sliced. I probably could have put bacon and tomato on it and eaten it like a sammich…. I’m curious how that would taste now (Maybe a video is in my future? My own personal Gluten-Free Epic Meal Time).


I make one thing: PANCAKES and I’m not the greatest at making anything else, so when it came time to make the pumpkin bread my wife and three year old daughter took the reigns and did all the work. I just did all the eating. It’s a pretty rad exchange. You’ve already got the milk and eggs in the house, all we had to do was go to the store to get the pumpkin puree. Simple as pie. Mix it, slap it in a bread try and bake the shit out of it. XO Baking makes it easy for all of us to be like gourmet cooks, plus they use premium coconut flour and that stuff is the tits.

When you have Celiac Disease it’s really nice to know that because you have to eat 100% gluten-free, there is a company that makes great tasting food. And you can buy this online. Not every great company you find is available everywhere, but much like big brother, the internet os everywhere and you can just order some XO Baking products online (I suggest you do).

Seriously, XO Baking Company. They have great stuff.

I Review Gluten-Free Snack Cakes

I do love my snack cakes, so let’s do a Gluten-Free Food Review about them.

There was a time when I lived with my Mom and in the corner of the kitchen in the corner cupboard she had hidden a treasure trove of lunchtime snacks: Flakies, Ah Caramels and Jos. Louis. Since I have been diagnosed, of course I haven’t been able to feast on these treats since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and all the gluten-free goodies that have come out will never NEVER be as good as those snacks. Well, as you might have guessed it, I was able to find and eat and love a snack cake that tastes so close to a Jos. Louis, you might slap my face and tell me otherwise.


All But Gluten (click HERE for the website) is a Canadian company that you can find in Walmart and they sell the usual bad for you food like cookies and coconut macaroons, they have bread too, so don’t think they’re all bad. This one time I was walking past the All But Gluten section at the local Wallymart I saw this box and I had to have it. I had to taste it. I had to know if they in fact tasted like my old favourite: the Jos. Louis.


Traditional Jos. Louis are chocolate cakes with a vanilla cream frosting. I opted for the vanilla cake/cream combo. I was not disappointed. The dipped chocolate was good, of course. The cake itself isn’t super moist, but it was the closest thing to a Jos. Louis us diagnosed Celiacs will ever get. They even come wrapped individually in clear plastic.

unnamedthis is an All But Gluten chocolate snack cake, look how close it resembles a Jos. Louis

The explosion of flavour was enough for me to buy another box and try out the chocolate version. There were two things I noticed about it; 1) it doesn’t taste as good and 2) the top and bottom halves of the cakes kept sliding around using the cream as a weird slip and slide. In a world where poorly made gluten-free bread might crumble in your hands, having a snack cake try to escape my mouth wasn’t cool.

Having Celiac sometimes means that we need to choose healthier items when having dessert after  lunch. I really don’t want to eat baby carrots every day after my sandwich. It’s nice to see that All That Gluten is expanding it’s line to include these snack cakes. I feel it’s just for me. While you might think the 1 out of 133 people diagnosed with Celiac might have something to do with it, you don’t. It’s all me. I want them, so I get them.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if that was the case? You just want a GF alternative to something and then it happens? Yeah, and unicorns are real.

Hope I didn’t kill anyone’s dreams with that realization?

I Review WOW Baking Company

I’m not a huge lemon lover. Lemon tarts or cakes or cookies, but at Christmas time, my mother in law bought me a package of WOW Baking Company’s Lemon Burst cookies and holy crap they’re awesome. Soft and moist and they do not kid when they say “lemon burst”, it’s like taking the smell of Pledge and putting it in cookie form (that may seem like a bad idea but really it’s not).


look at all that awesome food

I got my hands on a whole line-up of gluten-free WOW Baking Company cookies and I gotta tell you, all of them are good.

WOW Baking Company cookies aren’t available to me locally in the supermarkets so I had to get my hand on the whole line-up of cookies to review, and what a line up: Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Ginger Molasses, Lemon Burst and Snickerdoodle. ??? Now, I’ve never had a Snickerdoodle before, and I always thought it was some kind of American tradition (plus the cookie’s origins are both US and German related) and being a Canadian and never had a Snickerdoodle available to me I was both confused and curious about the whole thing, then of course I found out, a Snickerdoodle is just a cookie rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

So, WOW Baking Company cookies. Pass or fail?

Pass. I’ve never had a more chewy mass produced big company gluten-free cookie EVER.

I always let my daughter taste test the food that comes my way, and she gives them a passing grade of good. Or some other word she mumbled through a mouthful of chocolate chip cookie.


this kid kills me

Gluten-free cookies are often hard, taste a little stale and crumble like they’re under interrogation, but not the WOW Baking Company gluten-free cookies. It says right on the front of the bag; moist, chewy, delicious. Never, in regards to gluten-free cookies, has a statement been more true.

Do you have Celiac? Are you 100% gluten-free? I ask because at some point before you were diagnosed you must have eaten Chewy Chips Ahoy and if you miss those cookies. If you miss dining them in milk and eating them while watching Saturday morning cartoons on FOX, then you need to get your mitts on the WOW Baking Company’s Chocolate Chip cookies. They taste so close to Chips Ahoy it breaks your heart.


If you can find a WOW Baking Company product, give them a try. I like them. Click HERE to go to their website and learn more about the food they make and practices they use.

If you really know what a Snickerdoodle is, tell me. I’m still unclear about it.

An extra special treat. And by that I mean I got an extra special treat. The Ginger Molasses cookies were really good and the day I was tasting them and figuring out if I liked them or not, I realized I was in fact walking around the house with the bag, and that yes, I do like them. Plus I ate the whole bag, and anyone else that wanted to try them was fat out of luck. I ate them like a boss. Here is my story.

ginger1here they are right out of the cupboard and walking around the kitchen

ginger3into my room to fold…wait a second I still have cookies, eh whatever. Hope you like crumbs in your underwear while I put them away. Ha ha best husband ever.

ginger2Yeah, no one else gets cookies, you think I’m letting this little guy get any? Look at him stare at me. That look in his eyes is just a look of death. Like a tiger looks at his prey. I’m not to worried, my cat is a jerk anyway. 

My Sister Review’s Chēbē Bread

Around here, I’m not the only gluten-free guy. I’m also not the only diagnosed Celiac on the planet. I’m sure people know people and then know people, but I got to tell you, I’m the only guy I know around here that has his own website and is the greatest Gluten-Free blogger in the world. I’m also they guy that get’s asked about what GF food is good and what’s not, and if you know me, I don’t hold back. I give 100% honest food reviews. That’s what I do here with my Gluten-Free Food Reviews (GFFR).

Sometimes I get people telling me that I HAVE to try this product or that product and usually I do. My sister Katrina is no different, since she has gone Gluten-Free she is trying all kinds of food now and passing the ideas to try on to me. Well, she was all about this Chēbē Bread pizza dough product.

Here, let her tell you. So here is Katrina:


Sitting at home with a bronchial infection I couldn’t think of what I wanted to eat.

I walk to the pantry and I notice the box of Chēbē pizza crust sitting there waiting for me to make & eat.

The unmade product wasn’t very appealing. It just looked like a bag of baking soda.

I went to the kitchen & I grabbed all the ingredients. They crazy thing is, it asks for a cup of shredded cheese in the crust….how amazing is that?

So as I preparing the dough my mouth is watering. The smell of onion & dough fill my nose. Oh gosh. Delicious.

So I did the kneading, flipping & thinning out on the ungreased pan.

Now, I used what is in the house for toppings, which isn’t much.

I spread garlic on the crust then pasta sauce.

I put green olives & pineapple as the toppings. Sweet & salty. Then I added the cheese. I debated it, but I put in a little bit.

I was very impatient while it baked. I get that from my father. I even took it out when the timer was at 15 mins. I put it back in for 3 more mins. 18 in total.

I pulled the sweet looking pizza pie out of the oven and instantly drooled.

I poured a glass of water. Grabbed some sweet Thai chili sauce to dip my pizza in and went right to my living room to devour it.

My first bite. Was amazing. I didn’t know whether I should cry with excitement or just smile and keep eating… I kept eating.

So my end result of Chēbē pizza crust is a 10/10. I’m in love.

Now, I need to find out where it is sold. I picked up this box at Homesense and they don’t usually get repeats on stock.

So Chēbē send me over more of your product. I need to get my fingers and mouth on it.

Aaaaaand scene.


I’m back. But I gotta tell you this. Katrina was texting me to try this pizza dough, so I did. She ended up giving me half the pizza, and after the first bite I was hooked. Katrina didn’t steer me wrong. I was driving while I was eating and each piece was gone by the time I left the road she lives on. I have NEVER had a pizza crust that tastes so close to the regular pizza you see all the other non-diagnosed Celiacs eating.

You have to get Chēbē Bread and you have to eat the shit out of it.

I Review Glutino Cereal

When I do a Gluten-Free Food Review I always try to do one for the little guy. I’m never paid to do them or swayed by any one company to make sure that that said review is favourable. But, every so often I come across a food made by the nationwide companies that is really good or surprising, and I just have to tell everyone.

We’ve all heard of Glutino. A company steeped in out brains that they are gluten-free, hell, their name is GLUTINO how could you not forget about them. A company that is right there at every grocery store in the gluten-free aisle. A company that pretty much creates a GF alternate to every food. The first company I was introduced to when I was first diagnosed.

Now, some of their food is hit and miss. Some of it isn’t for me, and some I would tell you to go to the store and buy and stock up, but the other day I was at Mom’s (who is also a diagnosed Celiac) and she had no food in the fridge for me to eat. As a Son, I reserve the right to just go an eat whatever leftover food my Mom has (in the past, Mom has had to write ‘do not eat’ on her food because I will get at it. I’m an awesome Son). But nothing. So I resorted to looking in the cupboard. Cereal. I had to eat cereal.


Lo and behold, Glutino has a cereal I’ve never heard of. The name a lone baffles me to my core: Frosted Sensible Beginnings. WHAT! But at the same time, what an awesome name. I get it though. It’s the GF alternative to Frosted Flakes and I haven’t had Frosted Flakes in years, so I was all over that.

First thoughts. It smelled like stale paint. Like when you open a can of paint after ten years and its all hard useless. That was what it smelled like. Instantly I was turned off and wasn’t about to eat it. Then my change of heart happened and I was like, this is a good entry for the website. So I powered through. What did I find? Gluten-Free food has a habit of being harder and has a stale texture to it sometimes, and while this cereal was just like that the taste was great. Amazing. Mind blowing. The subtlety of the frosting was great and mixed well with the milk. It pleased me.

While it wasn’t Frosted Flakes, it was good.

I’m heading to Mom’s right now. Guess what I’m going to have a bowl of?

Good job Glutino.

I Review Marcelle’s Kitchen Gluten Free Pancakes

You’ve been a round long enough to know that I love pancakes right? You know that in September I reviewed Maddington Farms gluten free pancakes mix and it was pretty good, but it was only number two on the list next to XO Baking Company and their amazing pancake mix. Well I’m sorry Maddington Farms you’re being demoted to number 3, because I gotta tell ya, Marcelle’s Kitchen gluten free pancake mix has just stepped up to the plate an knocked out one hell of a home run.


You can trust me when I tell you whats a good pancake and whats not because I know my shit. If there is one thing I know, besides Robocop, Wizard of Oz and having Celiac, its’ pancakes. I’ve had my fair share of terrible gluten free pancakes, and I’m willing to try any pancake at least once. I once brought pancake mix to a guys weekend and forced all the dudes to eat them, and well, they were terrible and I left the bag at my buddy’s because I wanted nothing to do with it. But if a mix is good, I will guard it with my life and make sure no one gets their paws on it.

Thats what Marcelle’s Kitchen gluten free pancake mix was like.

Now I have reviewed this bakery before, but it was the whole bakery. A few select goodies that they make, but just a few weeks ago I was out and about and stopped at Marcelle’s Kitchen just to grab a few things and decided to buy their ready made mixes. I’m happy I did. I tested them out on my daughter and wife too, and while I listen to them sometimes about how a product tastes, they agreed these pancakes were good.

2I love them. Hell, they bumped another company back just to get to number 2.

The ingredients call for sour cream (I know, weird) and that threw me for a loop, but after you add it then eat it; you’ll get it. Trust me.

Marcelle’s Kitchen is a complete gluten free bakery. Zero cross contamination and is nestled in the back of a knick knack shop in the middle of Port Perry, Ontario, but luckily some of their products are available online. Sadly, the pancake mix is not. So you have to go there to get it. And you should, you won’t regret it.

I have to drive an hour East to get it.

An hour is a small price to pay for awesome pancakes.

Now if I can get someone to cook them as good as I do.


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