My Trip to the Glutenberg Craft Brewery

Everywhere you look there are companies, not just food companies, out there trying to create the idea they operate as a industrious family. And, unless you get a chance to visit the factory of business and it’s buildings, no one ever has the opportunity to know this first hand. I had a chance to see this family atmosphere first hand when I visited the Glutenberg Craft Brewery in December of 2016.

Glutenberg and their story isn’t new to how amazing foodstuffs are created; friends wanted to create a new and great tasting gluten-free beer and through dozens of tests and over a year of trial and error they created an award winning gluten-free beer. It’s what has happened in all those years since the creation of ‘the Gutenberg Blonde’ that sets them apart from all the other beer companies: they care.

They care, not just about making a traditional beer taste with all gluten-free ingredients, but making sure that their brand treats its fans, drinkers and supporters like family.

Read the Glutenberg story directly from their site by clicking HERE.

December in Montreal, Quebec, Canada? Yes, it was cold.

I was able to visit the Glutenberg Craft Brewery in Montreal, Quebec to tour the facility, see the process in which the gluten-free beer was made and sample some of their amazing beer flavours (most of which aren’t available in my home province of Ontario). I didn’t just get to visit Montreal (which I have never done before), I also got to take a train from Toronto to Montreal (something I also haven’t done). The whole day was filled with amazing firsts. And the tip on that iceberg was visiting the Glutenberg Craft Brewery.

While some flavours of beer I sampled didn’t come out as my favourite in the line, there was still a remarkable taste to every one of them, and every one of the gluten-free beers that Glutenberg makes deserves to be tasted and enjoyed. Glutenberg has attempted AND succeeded in doing what they originally set out to do: make a good gluten-free beer. I have had my share of gluten-free beer because I am a diagnosed celiac, some good some bad some terrible, and I can safely say that Glutenberg has their stuff together. All of their hard work has paid off and it reflects in the end product of the gluten-free beer.

What started out as a small company, Glutenberg still maintains that sense of a small company, even as it expands itself past international borders and still considering themselves a craft brewery. When looking at how in the past, traditional craft breweries where the tastes accommodating and manufactured for the area or local towns, Glutenberg is still a craft brewery, manufacturing small batches in MANY different flavours, and while doesn’t just stick to its own area, it is the craft brewery to the world. Their awards prove that.


In January 2016, Glutenberg was just available in Ontario after being available in other provinces and territories in Canada for a number of years. Even being available in almost two dozen states in the United Sates of America. I had e-mailed the company to keep me in the loop as to when I could get some of their beer from my local liquor store. As fate would have it, as a blogger, as King Gluten Free, the Glutenberg Craft Brewery was awesome enough to send me four beers to be sampled. I. Fell. In. Love.

I wasn’t able to spend to much time in Montreal when I went to visit the Glutenberg Craft Brewery. I caught the train early in the morning on a Friday and spent five and a half hours on the train listening to music on my phone, writing Christmas cards and texting my wife. All the while anticipating my first trip to Montreal. After the afternoon spent at the brewery I was back at the train station and on my way home to Toronto via the train. It was a long day, a fruitful day and an exciting day.

I have never hidden the fact about how I feel about food and the connection I have to it as a child and even an adult. Finding a gluten-free alternative to something I had as a child now as an adult diagnosed with celiac, really does take an emotional toll on me. I remember the first time as an adult I found out that Post ‘Fruity Pebbles’ were gluten-free and proceeded to eat them as a diagnosed celiac, and all the memories of Saturday morning cartoons came flooding back to me and I wept as I ate. My spirit was filled with love and joy as I could again eat something that connected me to the past. It’s kind of like smelling something that reminded you of your passed on Grandfather…only this time, it was food.

From it’s inception, Glutenberg has been creating great gluten-free beer…

In January 2016 when the Glutenberg Craft Brewery happily supplied me with a few gluten-free ‘Glutenberg Blondes’ I was once again filled with love and the memories that took place when I was a young man who had no clue what celiac disease was and was still years away from being diagnosed with it (I was diagnosed in 2008), Glutenberg tasted like high school. While some people would say it was either the best or worst time of your life, I was taken back to the times me and my buddies would go to the cottage and drinking barley based beers or the time my little sister and I would sit in the back yard (funny enough at my Grandparent’s) and drink those same barely based beers on what we eventually referred to as ‘Fun Friday’. The Glutenberg Blonde reminded me of a beer I once loved (and could not have because of my diagnosed celiac disease) and triggered something in me that has been undying since that very first sip; my love of the Glutenberg brand.

From it’s inception, Glutenberg has been creating great gluten-free beer and expanding to create new and promising ways to help out the other craft breweries around them that need just that little bit of help. A program where the vats at Oshlag (their own non-gluten-free distillery) can be rented out to other craft breweries and make much bigger batches and maximize Glutenberg’s own competition’s profit margin and creating bigger batches of a different craft beer. Or a program that helps to distribute smaller breweries brands and help get those unknown and unnamed craft brews to those who might never get it, and help out the small guy.

Glutenberg has become the big brother to all the craft breweries it works with. I stood in a room filled with all kinds of other cans and bottles of beer and was taken aback at how Glutenberg is always helping out those who need it. Companies that are looking for that outreached hand to get their name out there. Glutenberg not only treats everyone in their brewery like family, but even their competition gets treated as such; FAMILY.

So many litres of delicious gluten-free beer.

It’s not everyday you get to sample award winning gluten-free beer with the Chief Operating Officer of a brewery, and aside for great tasting drinks, I was treated to amazing conversation in an environment that made me feel at ease. Glutenberg not only supplies gluten-free beer to celiacs all over it does amazing things locally to recycle beer cans, and consistently sending back the spent grain to the providing farmer once Glutenberg has finished extracting the sugar from it. The farmer can then feed his soils with the spent grain. Glutenberg has different technologies to create gluten-free beer with presses and countless ways to create new and innovate products that are all gluten-free and safe for me… a diagnosed celiac.

As for how ALL the beer I tasted: (click HERE to see what they offer) I loved them all. From the Blonde to the IPA (which is one of the best beers I have ever tasted) to the White and I even got to take a stab at tasting the ASAP gluten-free beer which is only avail be in Quebec at the time of my visit. A gluten-free IPA infused with flavours of Pineapple, Simcoe Hops and Peach. All great all unique. Even tasting a gluten-free beer made with olives and another made WITHOUT maple syrup that tasted like maple syrup. All of the beers that Glutenberg allowed me to taste were just great.

While some flavours of beer I sampled didn’t come out as my favourite in the line, there was still a remarkable taste to every one of them…



This press squeezes hard to breakdown grains. Glutenberg is the only one to utilize this tech in Quebec.



It’s not everyday you get to sample award winning gluten-free beer with the Chief Operating Officer of a brewery…


All that gluten-free beer making grains


I spent the day travelling to Montreal, Quebec, toured a brewery, sampled gluten-free beer and had great conversations with some amazing people. Glutenberg welcomed me with open arms and if you’re not a fan of gluten-free beer, give Glutenberg a try. And if you’re a fan of drinking beer, give Glutenberg a try.

I thank everyone at the Glutenberg Craft Brewery for taking time out of their day to show me around.

My train ride to and from Toronto, Ontario to Montreal, Quebec was paid for by the friendly people at Glutenberg.

It was a long day

I Review Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce

When I get a chance to review gluten-free food, I make no qualms about how I feel about it. It can be good or bad or tasty or terrible. I’m honest enough to tell you what I think of food. Luckily, in all my years of being able to give you honest reviews of gluten-free food, it’s rare that I find one that tastes terrible.

Don’t think negative about what is happening today because you need to click HERE to see what Montgomery Inn is all about.

World Famous MONTGOMERY INN bbq sauce claims to be the best of the best. Here in Canada, Kraft makes an exceptional bbq sauce, but I will tell you this right up front; MONTGOMERY INN bbq sauce blows it out of the water. While I am lucky enough to get my hands on some amazing gluten-free food, I also happen to come across the best gluten-free food. For instance, the Tomato Bisque soup from Cori’s Cafe is the soup in which Campbell’s needs to get their head checked. The Tomato Bisque from Cori’s Cafe is what all soups should be measured by (I stand by that 100%). It looks like Kraft needs to step up their game, because MONTGOMERY INN truly has brought about a world famous bbq sauce. A bbq sauce in which everything needs to take it’s cues from.

A lot of hot dogs were harmed in this gluten-free food review

I liked the bbq sauce from MONTGOMERY INN so much, that I was finding excuses to pour it onto my food. I was frying veggies and putting the bbq sauce on. I was having gluten-free hot dogs and using as much as I could. The flavour was just perfect. A mild taste of what a bbq sauce should was all over this MONTGOMERY INN bbq sauce.

In addition to being gluten-free and being made without high fructose corn syrup, the sauce has always been fat free, peanut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and tree nut-free.

I make no qualms about my food.

I am a diagnosed celiac and have to eat 100% gluten-free in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because of this, a lot of the foods I ate as a child have been crossed off and are now inedible to me due to the amount of gluten in them. Aside from the taste of MONTGOMERY INN bbq sauce there was a weird connection I felt to it… and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Then I realized, the MONTGOMERY INN bbq sauce reminded me of my grandparents (both of which passed away in 2010). The taste of the bbq sauce, somehow transported me to when Grandpa would cook steak on the bbq out back of their place and when Gramma would tend to the massive platters of meat in the kitchen. Then, all of us as a family would eat like kings and create memories for a lifetime. Little did I know, the gluten-filled food of my past could trigger current gluten-free memories now.

I used it as much as I could. Here I’m mixing the bbq sauce with brown sugar


MONTGOMERY INN bbq sauce did that which a lot of food hasn’t: created an emotional response.

The MONTGOMERY INN bbq is good. Probably the best bbq sauce I’ve ever had. But, they get an added bonus for helping me remember memories I thought were washed away with time.

As an added bonus: the lovely people at MONTGOMERY INN want to make sure you can have some bbq sauce for yourself with an added money off bonus. So click HERE to shop with the coupon code KINGGLUTENFREE and tell me you love this bbq.


I was not paid in anyway for this honest food review. I was given some sauce. I ate some sauce. You read about the sauce.

I just like it.



I Review Mary’s Gone Crackers Gluten-Free Crackers

When someone gets diagnosed with celiac disease they often talk about that one food that they happen to miss. The one gluten-filled food that they can’t find as a delicious and unique gluten-free alternative. What’s really funny, is that at the same time I started the process with MARY’S GONE CRACKERS to review their own gluten-free food I happened across a Facebook post on one of the forums I’m apart of, and the person who wrote it was saying that they missed regular gluten-full crackers and that the MARY’S GONE CRACKERS filled that gap.

While preparing for my review, this Facebook post gave me hope that I would be coming in hot with an amazing tasting gluten-free product.

I was right.


My MARY’S GONE CRACKERS story starts a little different than most kinds of reviews; instead of the company sending me a box of pre-selected food, I had the unique ability to go and pick out exactly what I wanted from the store. My own flavours and my own way. Just like I would be able to do if I was shopping. It added a really cool element to how I was going to tackle this review.

There was no end to what I could pick from and that opens to door to a lot of what I could do; Herb crackers, black pepper crackers, super seed and onion. The list was pretty big, because it went into Thins and cookies and a lot more product that I honestly didn’t realize MARY’S GONE CRACKERS carried. I was pleasantly surprised.

*side note* Due to an unfortunate goofball incident on my part, I wasn’t able to review three of the five products I got. But, I will add a special review of something I bought with my own money as a mega ultra fun time review. *side note over*


Gluten-free crackers. Gluten-free MARY’S GONE CRACKERS Black Pepper and Original and all of them are just great. All produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility and never once did I feel like I was being left out of an flavour when eating them. You’ll find that I tend to eat with my heart and eating food is an emotional experience for me and the Black Pepper crackers reminded me of the pepper you would put on tomato soup when I was younger. There was distinctive smell and subtle taste of my childhood that I really dug. The crackers them selfs are gluten-free and vegan and organic and they are fairly hard. It’s not a soft cracker by any means, but the rigidness of them is a perfect plate/spoon/scoop for all kinds of fun things.


My daughter was dipping Mary’s Gone Crackers in ketchup.


I love putting weird stuff on my food. I douse all my food in maple syrup, or put ketchup in my mashed potatoes and the MARY’S GONE CRACKERS gluten-free crackers were a perfect opportunity for me to flex my creative food muscles. Yes. I know they are good crackers and yes I wanted too find fun ways to eat them as opposed to just adding cheese to the top. So, I got me some cream cheese with a dollop of bbq sauce. Yes, bbq sauce. And I’ll tell you. I dare you to come up with a better and more simple food topping than that.

Cracker, cream cheese and bbq sauce.


But, while I was out and buying all these awesome gluten-free treats, my daughter wanted to get some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies to share with me (she doesn’t need to eat gluten-free, but I do, due to my diagnosed celiac disease) and by coincidence MARY’S GONE CRACKERS makes such a thing. I like them. They’re perfectly bite sized and the right amount of chocolate and because they are a special gluten-free treat I can share with my daughter, I send one to school with her as a reminder of the treat we share and the time we went to the store to buy it.

MARY’S GONE CRACKERS gluten-free crackers were fun and a surprising treat. I found myself  eating them for dessert after dinner, which says a lot about a food product. You NEVER have to take my word for the flavour value of a food, just go out and get your own box and see for yourself. Then get back to me.

I was not paid in anyway for this food review. I was only provided with free food coupons to provide to the grocer for my review. I did get a cool tote for all my shopping needs. All thoughts, ideas and opinions are my own.

You can also come and find me do my celiac disease thing and gluten-free shenanigans on twitter-logoInstagram_App_Large_May2016_200


I Love my Gluten-Free Breakfasts

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I’m just a gluten-free man, and there is nothing wrong with any of that. Especially when it comes to the best time of the day: morning. I am a straight up morning guy (I was never like that in my early teens. Now as a 35 year old man I can barely make it to 10pm) and what happens in the morning? BREAKFAST. YAH!

Being gluten-free doesn’t mean ALL of the food in the world is off limits to me. Sure, I can’t eat just any old cereal you pull out of the pantry. It’s gotta say gluten-free on the box and it’s got to taste good. Having to eat gluten-free cereal doesn’t mean that I have to eat the terrible cardboard flavoured gluten-free cereal. Breakfast is the best meal of the day so the food has to taste the exact same way (gluten-free or not).

Milk and eggs are gluten-free, so stop asking me if I can still have them. It really is crazy how much that question gets asked of me. Even people I’ve been telling the same story to since my celiac diagnosis in 2009, “Yes I can have mushrooms” “Yes, I can have chocolate milk”. Those are the joys of having celiac disease: constant repetition.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it gets your body going after a long night of sleeping and resting and growing and revitalizing. That nourishment you pile into your face at 7am is important for the rest of the day, so treat it with the best gluten-free food you can find: bacon. Bacon is so versatile. You can add the magical tastes to all kinds of foods: cupcakes and cookies. You see that chefs wrap steak with it and even alcoholic drinks have the taste of bacon. Infusing anything with bacon is the best choice for any meal. You just have to remember that breakfast is important for anyone on the planet. No matter if the food is gluten-free or not.

I love gluten-free pancakes and Mickey Mouse


You could search a thousand years and never find the perfect gluten-free pancake mix. If you’re that homeless looking, long bearded sage-type man who has travelled the world seeking a perfect pancake, look no further than any of the gluten-free variety. My house has gluten-free pancakes every Sunday and even the folks in my home who don’t need to be GF eat these pancakes and have NEVER found a better wheat flour version. I just saved that time traveller years of toiling and trolling through the aisles of every grocery store to find the perfect pancake.

The perfect pancake is a gluten-free one.

If bacon gives you life; pancakes are love.

LOVE these pancakes (click the image to find out what brand I use)


Having celiac doesn’t mean that I turn my nose up at any breakfast food that comes my way. I’m just a regular due who is telling you that the BEST gluten-free foods are the ones that come in those early morning hours. True, you can have bacon and pancakes for any meal; if you cook them in the morning, make a terrible mess in the kitchen, the whole house will smell of breakfast-y goodness for the rest of the day. Thats a King Gluten Free guarantee.

Not everyone eats cereal in the morning, or has an omelette. Some people opt for a protein shake or kale smoothie or oatmeal. And that’s cool with me. You eat whatever you want to eat. For me, I’ll eat whatever I want to eat in the morning, as long as it’s gluten-free, it’s fine by me.

Hell, just the other day I made a hamburger for breakfast. Gluten-free bun. Ketchup, mustard and a dill pickle. It’s my morning and my diet, I’ll do what I want.

Just check out my instagram.

I Review Hilray Gluten-Free Oats

A few weeks ago a co-worker of mine was going on and on about eating porridge and her and I got to talking about eating oatmeal and porridge when we were both younger.

Oatmeal always reminds me of having breakfast at my Grandma’s house and since I’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease never really worried myself about getting my hands on gluten-free oats. You know the whole deal about having real gluten-free oats. If you don’t, then guess what? Oats are naturally gluten-free. Oats are usually processed or grown in the same place where a grain with gluten in it is also grown. So the issue with cross contamination is always on the mind of people who need to be on a gluten-free diet for serious medical conditions (I have celiac disease so finding pure gluten-free oats is a MUST for me).

In Canada the rule was just changed so that gluten-free oats can be sold as ‘gluten-free’ and not as ‘wheat-free’ as long as it’s grown in a dedicated location or tests with trace amounts of gluten. And being a diagnosed celiac you know you have to avoid that label too, because you never know what other gluten-grain is there. Remember WHEAT-FREE doesn’t always equal gluten-free.

So, after this whole conversation about porridge and oatmeal in the morning I was suddenly just craving it. For a whole week, all I could think about was oatmeal and brown sugar every morning. It invaded my mind like a worm and while I was eating cereal, I wanted oatmeal. It became the thing that was controlling my every waking moment.

You can see my tablespoon in the bag still. Classic Jordan, totally not paying attention when he takes his pictures.


Then HILRAY WHOLE GRAINS (click HERE for their website) came to my rescue. They offered to send me some of their gluten-free oats in exchange for an honest and unique review of their food. And here it is.

HILRAY produces their oats in dedicated fields and in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

Every reason you need to know that this is a genuine gluten-free product. A company that takes gluten-free seriously and even “stop[s] looking over shoulders once you’ve taken the first spoonful (we had to stop there as we understand that peeping is still universally frowned upon).” When a company takes a so much care to have a safe food, you know your guts are in the right company.

Here’s where I get real.

When you buy prepackaged oatmeal, like the flavoured kind: apple/cinnamon or maple the only reason you as an individual likes them is because they have that specific flavour. HILRAY doesn’t provide flavoured single use packets, they provide straight oats that you cook yourself in as much quantity as you can handle (I have been eating one bowl a day. 200ml water and 10tbsp of HILRAY oatmeal cooked in the microwave with 2tbsp of brown sugar). Here’s the rub; plain oats are just plain oats. You can’t really perfect the flavour of oats. They are what they are.

What I like about HILRAY is how fast they cook for me and the texture of the oats before cooking. They’re a great combination of soft and toasted and absorb water with minimal ease. It’s a easy, tasty and healthy breakfast. One of which I hope to continue on long past my bags of HILRAY gluten-free oats are gone.

Now, how do I get my daughter to like oatmeal as much as me? I think she has an issue with the texture of oatmeal. I’d like her to have as fond memories as I do with it.

hilray2Wondering where you can get some HILRAY gluten-free oatmeal? Hate to tell you, but HILRAY is Canadian and operates out of Ontario. Since my readers are split down the middle of USA and Canada, I’ll give you a list of where you can pick up some of these great gluten-free oats by clicking HERE.

I Review Neal Bros. Gluten-Free Food

I’m Canadian and I get to taste a lot of Canadian gluten-free food. I like it a lot to when the company of said gluten-free food is basically right around the corner from me, less than an hour drive and coupled with an amazing story. The Neal Bros. starting making croutons in their mother’s basement in 1998 and have moved on to make some of the finest gluten-free foods from natural and unique ingredients.

NEAL BROS. (website can be found by clicking HERE) we’re brought to my attention via Instagram and through they, they reached out to me to review some of their special and different kinds of food. On top of the massive a mount of food they sent me (including free trade coffee which is always awesome to get) they sent me various other food that they supply from their stores. NEAL BROS is a true Canadian success story and I am happy to be able to get my hands on some of their products.

Of the gluten-free products I received, it was tough to really call one or two out as not the best of the bunch, or not my favourite. Priding yourself on different tasting foods can be a tough horse to ride, and while NEAL BROS does do that, some of the products didn’t hit home with me.

Neal Bros. BBQ sauce on chicken


The barbecue sauce was something I really had high hopes for. I put it on a lot of products and in the long run, it didn’t stay in our house very long because it was sued on everything. The problem with the Neal Bros Classic BBQ sauce was that it didn’t stand out. There was no real flavour setting it apart from any other sauce on the shelf. Other than the fact that is was gluten-free, it fell flat for me.

Neal Bros. Caeser dressing on sausages and I hammered the bottle to get the rest of it out and onto my cucumbers.


On the other hand, the Neal Bros Creamy Caeser dressing was balls out amazing. The website says rich and creamy and there is no fact more true. The only part they left out was that it was packed, packed, PACKED with flavour. I liked it so much I literally drowned all food that i could in it. It was more than a salad dressing to me, it was replacement beauty in a jar. And all the beauty went on my food.

I AM A MAPLE AND BACON GUY. Look anywhere on my site and I am all about taking maple syrup and utilizing it as my secret ingredient in almost all food I make (my wife even started doing this very same thing). Does this make me the authority on anything tat combines maple and bacon flavouring together? I’m Canadian too, so I know a thing or two about both of them… it’s to bad Neal Bros isn’t the only company that can’t get this to work. I wasn’t a fan of the Maple Bacon Kettle Cooked Chips. Maybe this isn’t a flavour that should be put on chips, it doesn’t seem to work.


Neal Bros is about organic snack food and they mega props for the gluten-free Cheese Puffs. Light, airy, packed with flavour and a lot better than competing major brands. Before I knew it, I was done this bag of snacks. To me, expiry dates on products make no never mind, I eat all food before it ever gets close to the date. The Organic Cheese Puffs top my list.

Making snack foods gluten-free is always a good thing for me and all my fellow diagnosed celiacs. It’s worry free eating and gives us something really awesome to pound back while we’re watching reruns of Star Trek. It’s nice to have good tasting restaurant quality gluten-free tortillas in the house. Neal Bros really has a grasp on how to get GF alternatives to food and thats something to be commemorated, this is also on top of their wide selection of sauces and dips and salsa.

Neal Bros Salsa and Netflix.


Aaaaand speaking of salsa. Neal Bros makes the best gluten-free corn salsa. I dare you to call me a liar. My sister (who is also gluten-free) sang me praises about the Neal Bros all natural corn salsa when I told her I had some. She wasn’t wrong, it’s that good. (*sidenote: I am not a spice fan. No matter the level of heat involved in food I am not a fan. The Neal Bros salsa is low level spice and it is too hot for me. Like the lowest of spicy-ness. Despite the heat, i still really liked it) It’s fresh tasting and packed with taste. It goes great with their tortillas. I even put it on some of my chicken one day at dinner.

NEAL BROS is an amazing collection of gluten-free foods and you need to go to their website HERE and see what I mean, and maybe order yourself some of their products. You never have to take my word on how I feel about food I review, but the eclectic nature of the NEAL BROS catalogue really needs a shot, and I want you to give them a try. Just click HERE.

All opinions are mine. I was not compensated for this post. The food was sent free to me, in exchange for an honest and unique review. Now with that out of the way; someone please send me gluten-free pizza to review.    -Jordan


See. Tortillas and Star Trek. I wasn’t lying.
BBQ sauce on my burger
BBQ Sauce on my chicken.
Neal Bros Maple Bacon potato chips. The bag is crumpled because I forgot to take a picture of it and I had to fish it out of the garbage. Sorry for being a terrible blogger.
Neal Bros. Salsa.






I Review the Love With Food Box

What if gluten-free christmas came one a month (minus Santa, elves, snow and weirdly enough no candy canes)? There is no way I couldn’t contain my glee if a red box of strictly gluten-free food arrived at my door.

My wife said “maybe you should take a picture of the box before you start eating out of it?” She’s a good lady, always keeping my head on straight when gluten-free food is in the house.

Watched over and put together by KC Pomering who is also GF Foodie (click HERE for her website) the Love With Food box is something you should try at least once. Though, if you live in Canada, you’re crap out of luck as this is a US shipping product only (we have great healthcare but not this box?? Seems unfair).

I had a great opportunity to get my hands on a Love With Food box containing 12-15 products (including coupons) and I have not been disappointed with what was in my face when I opened this little red box of freedom.

In the grand scheme of things, having a box of gluten-free food isn’t necessary, but it’s fun and great to see whats out there. Like a sampler of the great goodies that you could possibly have. Having a box of food delivered to my door makes me smile, and like I said, one of the awesome benefits of using the Love With Food membership is the meal donation, it’s a win-win.

Every month each box is different, but I’ll give you a run down of some of the great things I found in my box:

My father-in-law in the background DOES NOT express my feelings at how awesome this food was.


First off, these Beanfields bean and rice chips are fantastic. It tasted like a burrito and there was a never a doubt that I didn’t love these things. I am only sad that I didn’t have more. If you miss out on these in your Love With Food box, make a stink. Not having this in your life is a damn shame.

Really good as a snack, on their own.



I Heart Keenwah is something I’ve never heard of. What I have head of is quinoa and I am not a fan of quinoa, so I was diving in pretty reluctantly with there Quinoa Puffs. I had a few before dinner and I really did like the herb taste and mentioned to my wife that they would be a good alternative to croutons in a salad. The one problem with that, was that i was wrong. The Quinoa Puffs are way better on their own and shouldn’t be eaten in a salad.

There was some chickpeas that just tasted like chickpeas…

The first night with Montana Mex and snap peas….


…but the big winner was the Montana Mex Sweet Salt. This kind of food and way to prepare it never occurred to me and why hasn’t this sort of food seasoning come into my life until now? I saw a picture on Instagram that someone put the salt on corn on the cob, so I upped that and put it on my snap peas… It was so good, i did it again the next night. I caught my wife adding it to sandwiches. It was truly one of the best products to come out of the Love With Food box.

The second night with Montana Mex, notice the extra snap peas.


Give it a try at least once and see what you think of it. It’s a pretty cool thing to have once a month, even if you just treat yo self. I can’t get a membership to Love With Food because I’m in Canada, and I am eternally grateful that I was able to take one for a test spin. Always gluten-free, always to me door and every month, thats a great combo.

If you want to get a handle on this great thing, WITH 50% OFF!!! click HERE and see what you can do to make someone happy and yourself with this gf food box.

What would have made it super cool if it truly was Christmas once a month. It’s already a red box, just slap some white strips on it… damn thats a fun idea. Don’t steal that idea Love With Food, thats mine now.


All of these opinions are mine. I was not compensated for this post. The food was sent free to me, in exchange for an honest and unique review. Now, some one send me gluten-free pizza to review.    -Jordan


Bacon & Goat Cheese filled Gluten-Free Pasta

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I always like to try and do something a little different in the kitchen, and when I am asked to come up with an original and unique idea based on Catelli gluten-free pasta, my brain went a mile a minute shooting off any insane idea it could come up with. You know I love bacon and you know I love maple syrup. The only question was how to get it to become one with the gluten-free penne pasta that Catelli makes?


I am no stranger to taking on a food challenge, and as my daughter said to me when she ate this amazing recipe I created “home run daddy”.

From the mouth of a true fan.



1/2 box of gluten-free CATELLI PENNE PASTA

70 grams of goat cheese

3 slices of gluten-free bacon

1/2 cup of sunflower oil

1 tbsp real maple syrup

1 food syringe


(As a ‘food making’ side note, it’s best to cook the pasta a few days ahead of time and let it sit for a day or so in the fridge to harden. This allows you to easily hold and work with the pasta for the later steps of this recipe.)

  1. Cook the 3 slices of bacon until flimsy. The bacon needs to be super soft, but fully cooked in order for this whole thing to play out well in the end (this is all considering the size of the food syringe you’re going to use). I cooked them on the stove, but cooking them in the microwave is just as effective. (I would suggest on a microwavable plate on High for 45 seconds).
    I say 3 slices, but I cooked 7 and ate the other 4.
    I say 3 slices, but I cooked 7 and ate the other 4.
  2. Place between some paper towel and get as much of the grease off as you can. Set it aside.
  3. Chop all the bacon into teeny tiny bits. You can use a blender, I choose to use scissors. If you’re using a fine tipped syringe, you might opt for a food processor or if you’re going to use a child’s medicine syringe like I did, you don’t have to go to crazy with the size of the bacon pieces.
  4. Melt goat cheese in small bowl for 40 seconds in microwave. It should sort of be a texture like cottage cheese or a whipped peanut butter. Not hard, but easy to stir.
    Bacon Scissors
  5. Add bacon to goat cheese a little at a time. Making sure to stir each new application of meat until ALL is mixed well.
  6. Cram the mixture into the food syringe.catellisyringe
  7. While holding one end of the Catelli gluten-free penne with your thumb, squeeze the bacon/cheese mixture in. Don’t overfill, just enough to fill the inside of the pasta. Too much will cause the gluten-free pasta to break apart. (pro tip: slowly pull the syringe out of the middle of the pasta while you depress the plunger). Fill all the pasta and set on a plate.
    While my hands look dirty, i assure you it’s only spray paint that I couldn’t get off.
  8. Pour sunflower oil on a pan and add maple syrup on top.
  9. Heat pan on med.- high until maple syrup starts to slightly bubble. Stir in all the liquid in the pan to mix somewhat evenly.
  10. Add pasta in handful amounts. Cook only with these amounts at a time.
  11. Don’t mix with a utensil, shake pan to cover pasta in hot maple oil.
  12. Cook for 4-6 minutes each.
  13. Remove from pan with sieve to allow access oil to drip. Add to plate with presentation side of your choice.
  14. Enjoy.

Serves 4.

Not fancy in the photography, but fancy in the belly.

While we’re at it. Here’s a great little list of Catelli Pasta facts that you might want to take a look at or even share with your pals? Maybe even go to the site ( and see whats happening there? I dunno. Your choice. -Jordan


  • Made from a unique four-grain blend of white rice, brown rice, corn and quinoa.


  • Available in Spaghetti, Fusilli, Penne and Macaroni (photo attached).


  • Delicious taste, smooth texture.


  • Produced in a dedicated gluten free facility.


  • Certified by the Canadian Celiac Association’s Gluten-Free Certification Program.


  • Made with ingredients that are declared GMO free: white rice flour, brown rice flour, corn flour, quinoa flour, monoglycerides (from vegetable/palm oil).


  • 310 calories, 2 grams of fat per serving (85 g) of pasta.


  • Low in sodium (0 mg), source of fibre (3 g) per serving (85 g) of pasta.


  • Cholesterol and preservative free.


  • Easy to digest, with the great taste and texture of regular pasta.


  • Available at all major retailers across Canada, in the pasta aisle.
Hi. I made this food and I really like it.
Hi. I made this food and I really like it.

I Review CrunchMaster Garlic Crackers

When I think of the word ‘garlic’ the image of vampires comes to mind.

It’s long believed that vampires have an aversion to garlic and can’t be near it or ingest it or have it touch their skin. It’s why there are always cloves of garlic hanging around crosses in the movies, or why the Romanian homes have strings of garlic dangling from the windows in those same movies. One of my favourite garlic/vampire jokes is the pizza one.

Did you know April 19th is the official/unofficial National Garlic Day and what better way to celebrate than by talking about vampires and how much they despise garlic? Or how about we talk about garlic being used as a food stuff for the general public? Two of my favs are garlic salt and pickled garlic. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a jar of pickled garlic. My wife thinks that garlic doesn’t agree with me, because after I eat large amounts, it seems to eek from my pores like some kind of hideous garlic monster.

Okay. Now that I’ve said ‘garlic’ about a million times….


CrunchMaster has these awesome gluten-free garlic flavoured crackers that when you open the little bag, I swear I was punched in the face by a garlic shaped fist. People on the other side of the house were yelling at me and asking me if I was killing a man made of garlic. Its a potent smell which paired perfectly with the first bite. And that’s where it ended. The gluten-free CrunchMaster garlic crackers are surely packed with wholesome ingredients, fiber and protein, but after the first bite I was terribly underwhelmed by the garlic. The first bite was packed with a great garlic punch, but with each subsequent bite it lessened and lessened, and I only had four.

You could say that this effect happens with a lot of bold flavoured foods but I wish it didn’t. I even thought this might have been a one time thing and went back a few hours later for another handful, and of course, the same thing happened. It just wasn’t enough to make me want to like the product beyond the fact that is was gluten-free.

Then I tried something different.

Crackers are usually reserved for dipping in things like spinach dip or hummus, the only thing is, I am not regular guy and I like to mix things up when it comes to my food. And on this particular day I wanted breakfast for dinner (to be honest, I always want breakfast for dinner) and I didn’t just want ‘breakfast’ I wanted eggs, bacon and home fries. I wanted a diner meal. A greasy spoon dinner in breakfast form. I had almost everything I needed; bacon and eggs, but I was lacking in the potatoes and lo and behold I had a half eaten bag of CrunchMaster garlic flavoured crackers.


Keep in mind, I’m not a heathen, I know that gluten-free crackers are in no way shape or form a permanent substitute for potatoes in any way, but I needed something to add to the food to my plate. I was not disappointed. There was something to say for the garlic flavoured gluten-free CrunchMaster crackers being heated up underneath my eggs. The garlic was surely tasted with almost every bite and it was a nice little plate on a plate in food form for each morsel of egg in my mouth.


Sometimes, it goes to show you that being different can yield positive results.

If you want to find out for yourself what the deal is with the gluten-free CrunchMaster cracker and your local retailer doesn’t carry it, go to to find their home page and they can help you get what you need.

I Review SoLo Gi Gluten-free Energy Bars

There are days when you just drag ass. Usually starting with a Monday and then that terrible mood continues through the week. I was having one of those weeks were I just couldn’t get my shit in gear and keep upbeat and happy. Sure I should have been happy, I was using a chainsaw and being as manly a man as possible, but I was just drained.

Was it the impending cold I knew was just hanging out, waiting to strike, or was it the week after a busy weekend where I just couldn’t get sleep or rest to re-energize myself? It was both. Then coupled that with no solid sleep for three days, less than 12 hours sleep in a 72 hour period. I. Was. Drained.

Luckily, a new product to review came in the mail, the gluten-free low glycemic snack SoLo Gi, you can visit their site HERE. Designed to slowly release the necessary sugar and carbs into your body for longer lasting energy and no crashes. SoLo Gi introduced the low glycemic energy bars in 2005, targeting athletes and energy seekers like myself: a busy parent who is always on the go, working for myself as a landscaper and property manager (including epic blogger).

I was so excited to try the coconut bar, I didn't even put on a shirt.
I was so excited to try the coconut bar, I didn’t even put on a shirt.

Did they work for me?

Yup. 100%. The SoLo Gi bars did what they were supposed to, provide me with enough energy for he course of the day to fulfil what needed to be done. It took a bit to understand how they would work for me, I used them over the course of the week and figured out how my body was reacting to the SoLo Gi bar’s energy giving powers. I found that, due to me being a big dude I needed two bars to keep going. I found I had one at 8am and another around 9:30am. It’s not like a full blast of power, but I was alert and awake and my body was raring to kick some ass. It was close to 3pm that I felt my body start to slump and lose all my gusto. Pretty amazing if you ask me. I went a whole day with no crash from what caffeine might give me, or an expensive energy drink. SoLo Gi was just perfect.

The best is that it’s gluten-free. They can double as a part of my breakfast or I can include it as a mid morning snack. They really can work into my day.

Eating at work.
Eating at work.

Taste? They came in all kinds of flavours: coconut, lemon, chocolate and mixed together like the apple and cinnamon one. All were distinct in their own way, and stood out against one another. There was a problem I found. Each bar had an underlying, as best as I can describe it, a chemical taste. A flavour that didn’t taste right or stir well with the others. Every SoLo Gi bar had it. There was the flavour of say; Dark Chocolate and Mandarin (which was my second favourite flavour right under the apple one) and then the nodes of off base flavour. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but it was there, and I didn’t like it.

Time to shovel snow. Break out the SoLo!
Time to shovel snow. Break out the SoLo!

Sometimes you find a gluten-free bar that does in fact taste gluten-free. There are no two ways around it, yes, you can tell what’s gluten-free by the first bite. SoLo Gi does a good job by not tasting gluten-free. Though, hmmm, maybe that weird taste is the ‘gluten-free’ of it. Wow.

I would of course buy more of the SoLo Gi bars on my own, because despite any of the shortcomings, they still tasted good, and did exactly what they are supposed to do. A company that comes through on their promise of providing a service like low glycemic energy is good. I’m a big guy who works hard and parents hard and I will make sure that I have these SoLo Gi bars handy to me in the future.

If you have any energy issues like I do, or want to try one, go get one. I give it a solid thumbs up.


All opinions in this review are my own words. I was not paid or swayed in anyway – Jordan Middlebrook

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