I Review the Love With Food Box

What if gluten-free christmas came one a month (minus Santa, elves, snow and weirdly enough no candy canes)? There is no way I couldn’t contain my glee if a red box of strictly gluten-free food arrived at my door.

My wife said “maybe you should take a picture of the box before you start eating out of it?” She’s a good lady, always keeping my head on straight when gluten-free food is in the house.

Watched over and put together by KC Pomering who is also GF Foodie (click HERE for her website) the Love With Food box is something you should try at least once. Though, if you live in Canada, you’re crap out of luck as this is a US shipping product only (we have great healthcare but not this box?? Seems unfair).

I had a great opportunity to get my hands on a Love With Food box containing 12-15 products (including coupons) and I have not been disappointed with what was in my face when I opened this little red box of freedom.

In the grand scheme of things, having a box of gluten-free food isn’t necessary, but it’s fun and great to see whats out there. Like a sampler of the great goodies that you could possibly have. Having a box of food delivered to my door makes me smile, and like I said, one of the awesome benefits of using the Love With Food membership is the meal donation, it’s a win-win.

Every month each box is different, but I’ll give you a run down of some of the great things I found in my box:

My father-in-law in the background DOES NOT express my feelings at how awesome this food was.


First off, these Beanfields bean and rice chips are fantastic. It tasted like a burrito and there was a never a doubt that I didn’t love these things. I am only sad that I didn’t have more. If you miss out on these in your Love With Food box, make a stink. Not having this in your life is a damn shame.

Really good as a snack, on their own.



I Heart Keenwah is something I’ve never heard of. What I have head of is quinoa and I am not a fan of quinoa, so I was diving in pretty reluctantly with there Quinoa Puffs. I had a few before dinner and I really did like the herb taste and mentioned to my wife that they would be a good alternative to croutons in a salad. The one problem with that, was that i was wrong. The Quinoa Puffs are way better on their own and shouldn’t be eaten in a salad.

There was some chickpeas that just tasted like chickpeas…

The first night with Montana Mex and snap peas….


…but the big winner was the Montana Mex Sweet Salt. This kind of food and way to prepare it never occurred to me and why hasn’t this sort of food seasoning come into my life until now? I saw a picture on Instagram that someone put the salt on corn on the cob, so I upped that and put it on my snap peas… It was so good, i did it again the next night. I caught my wife adding it to sandwiches. It was truly one of the best products to come out of the Love With Food box.

The second night with Montana Mex, notice the extra snap peas.


Give it a try at least once and see what you think of it. It’s a pretty cool thing to have once a month, even if you just treat yo self. I can’t get a membership to Love With Food because I’m in Canada, and I am eternally grateful that I was able to take one for a test spin. Always gluten-free, always to me door and every month, thats a great combo.

If you want to get a handle on this great thing, WITH 50% OFF!!! click HERE and see what you can do to make someone happy and yourself with this gf food box.

What would have made it super cool if it truly was Christmas once a month. It’s already a red box, just slap some white strips on it… damn thats a fun idea. Don’t steal that idea Love With Food, thats mine now.


All of these opinions are mine. I was not compensated for this post. The food was sent free to me, in exchange for an honest and unique review. Now, some one send me gluten-free pizza to review.    -Jordan