Gluten-Free Food from a bad Situation

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Celiac disease has it’s ups and downs. And lately I feel I am on a real down with my celiac disease. Just today, someone took food set aside for my gluten-free consumption and put it in the same plastic wrap as food that was contaminated with bread crumbs. I know it was contaminated with bread crumbs because I saw it that very morning.

Some days are just harder than others.

There isn’t a rule book for celiac disease. As a person diagnosed with it, you just have to do your best and educate others around you and hope hope HOPE they get the message. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. I think anyone who has celiac disease can attest too that.

In the last week, I’ve seen my gluten-free food get all messed up with bread crumbs and I’ve seen someone make food for the entire family with little consideration for me and my need to be medically 100% gluten-free because of my celiac disease. Days when you come home and someone was epic and made dinner for the whole family… but me. The side comment of “I thought you would just eat the leftovers” might seem legit but the actions are heart breaking.

Showing people the positive side of celiac disease is tough when your own life has recently been filled with a few food moves that don’t play well with the gluten-free life.

Out of the negative though, does come the positive.

I am a true believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’ and I think the dinner not being made for me was a sign that I was to create something amazing.


A true gluten-free food that only I could make.







No I’m not the master of making anything in the kitchen. If you follow anything I do on Instagram or Twitter then you know I I have the kitchen prowess of a can of paint. If it isn’t gluten-free pancakes or eggs; I’m lost.

CRACK CRACK CRACK the egg into a bowl and mix it all up.

CUT the chicken into pieces on a cutting board and drop them into the bowl of egg. Then place the whole slurry of chicken and eggs back onto the cutting board. Spread them out so it’s all flat and you can see every piece.

DROP the entire 1/2 cup of Enjoy Life gluten-free flour on the chicken. Make sure you make a ‘poof’ noise when you do. It adds to the ambience.

MIX it all together with your hands. Get real dirty. If the flour isn’t sticking to your hands and you’re not cursing that it is, then you’re doing it wrong.

In a heated small pan (thats on LOW heat) already coated with the sesame seed oil, PLACE the chicken in the middle and let it cook.

When the visible chicken has started to turn white and cook POUR maple syrup in the pan. The cooking will slow because of the coolness of the maple syrup, but rest assured, it’s doing what it’s supposed to.

I say half a cup. But really, just add as much as you want.


COOK the remainder of the chicken for 10 minutes or until the maple syrup has been reduced and bubbling.

TAKE off heat and prepare a bed of spinach or fries or gluten-free bread or a pancake or whatever you want.

PUT the chicken on top of your bed of food. ENJOY.

Out of the terrible feelings I had because gluten-free food was purposely not prepared for me, this amazing conception came out of it. I was the only one at the table who got to eat it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I let my five year old daughter have a piece of chicken and she was sad I didn’t make any for her. And I smirked the whole time I let my wife have a piece, because I knew that this was the best chicken that has ever been made. THAT is a solid fact.

This is the food dreams are made of


Enjoy Life (click HERE for their website) has made a line of baking mixes, and they were awesome to provide me with some of them to try and blog about. This did happen to be the first time I used the gluten-free all purpose flour and it came out and worked well for me. It has a great lecture when utilized with the egg and really held the flavour of all the crazy ingredients I used. It’s top eight allergen free and I would recommend this to someone who might be looking for a product like this. You can’t go wrong.


You can’t screw up flour.

I was never sure what I would eventually use it for if not for this whole thing with my need for gluten-free food being overlooked. I was just downright upset when the whole thing transpired, but after eating the amazing food that I created, I knew everything was going to be alright. Having celiac disease and needing to be gluten-free is never anyone else responsibility. I’m an adult and I can handle it on my own. Sometimes there are just bumps in the road that remind you that you are a little different than everyone else.

Its all apart of life. I get it. Celiac disease or not.


more pictures below

one egg is all you need



now try taking a picture with your hand like this
I wish I could crawl into this meal and live there

I have to be honest, I’m not sure I could ever recreate this meal again. I’m the kind of guy that just grabs random things from the fridge and makes dinner out of it.