Celiac Woes: Stove Top Stuffing

My little sister Katrina has only been strictly gluten free for a month or so now, and she has had an almost daily Celiac Woe. So this week I have asked her to guest blog and tell me all about the food she misses. I get at least one text message a week asking if she can eat a certain food. Well now she is starting to understand the real difficulties it is as a person on a 100% gluten free diet and missing all the food we used to love. Welcome to our own little version of Hell Katrina.
With the Holiday season approaching there is nothing I enjoy more then food! The treats I get to devour, the amount of mashed potatoes i will have piled high on my plate and the delicious steamed vegetables.
My mouth is drooling thinking of this.st_feature_img
There is one thing I miss, just one…for now….
STOVETOP Stuffing.  That delicious, melt in your mouth gluten filled, perfectly spiced stuffing.
This was always my go to on holidays.  Who doesn’t love stuffing you could cook in a pot in 15 minutes?
I would purchase the stuffing during holidays because it was cheapest then. I would go home, get it cooked and eat it.  I even ate a bowl full in the bath once.
Now, this past October was the first holiday since I decided to go Gluten Free. Each holiday I like to take a trip 2 hours East of Keswick to small town Havelock. Now, they do not offer much for us gluten intolerent people.  They have 1 grocery store….a small one.  They had ROWS of Stovetop stuffing and my best friend went right for it.  My sad face came on. I said to her “If I can’t eat it, you can’t” She totally agreed with me an put that stuffing away.
Just sitting here and typing this blog all I can think about is that candy apple red box with the picture of the fluffy stuffing on it. I’m drooling and I just ate dinner.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my mothers gluten free stuffing.  It is delicious and so flavourful, but what I would give to eat a whole box of stovetop with no side effects
Gosh, I could go on and on about this friggin stuffing.  I just want it. I want to eat it. I want to not get ill after it.
Damn you gluten for being so magical, so addicting, so delicious!
This is my celiac woe.  This is a big celiac woe.
Katrina has become a blogger now, as of December 02 2014 you can find her under a new moniker of Princess Gluten-Free over at her own website HERE, where she does reviews of gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian food.