I Review Marcelle’s Kitchen Gluten Free Pancakes

You’ve been a round long enough to know that I love pancakes right? You know that in September I reviewed Maddington Farms gluten free pancakes mix and it was pretty good, but it was only number two on the list next to XO Baking Company and their amazing pancake mix. Well I’m sorry Maddington Farms you’re being demoted to number 3, because I gotta tell ya, Marcelle’s Kitchen gluten free pancake mix has just stepped up to the plate an knocked out one hell of a home run.


You can trust me when I tell you whats a good pancake and whats not because I know my shit. If there is one thing I know, besides Robocop, Wizard of Oz and having Celiac, its’ pancakes. I’ve had my fair share of terrible gluten free pancakes, and I’m willing to try any pancake at least once. I once brought pancake mix to a guys weekend and forced all the dudes to eat them, and well, they were terrible and I left the bag at my buddy’s because I wanted nothing to do with it. But if a mix is good, I will guard it with my life and make sure no one gets their paws on it.

Thats what Marcelle’s Kitchen gluten free pancake mix was like.

Now I have reviewed this bakery before, but it was the whole bakery. A few select goodies that they make, but just a few weeks ago I was out and about and stopped at Marcelle’s Kitchen just to grab a few things and decided to buy their ready made mixes. I’m happy I did. I tested them out on my daughter and wife too, and while I listen to them sometimes about how a product tastes, they agreed these pancakes were good.

2I love them. Hell, they bumped another company back just to get to number 2.

The ingredients call for sour cream (I know, weird) and that threw me for a loop, but after you add it then eat it; you’ll get it. Trust me.

Marcelle’s Kitchen is a complete gluten free bakery. Zero cross contamination and is nestled in the back of a knick knack shop in the middle of Port Perry, Ontario, but luckily some of their products are available online. Sadly, the pancake mix is not. So you have to go there to get it. And you should, you won’t regret it.

I have to drive an hour East to get it.

An hour is a small price to pay for awesome pancakes.

Now if I can get someone to cook them as good as I do.


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Celiac Woes: Stove Top Stuffing

My little sister Katrina has only been strictly gluten free for a month or so now, and she has had an almost daily Celiac Woe. So this week I have asked her to guest blog and tell me all about the food she misses. I get at least one text message a week asking if she can eat a certain food. Well now she is starting to understand the real difficulties it is as a person on a 100% gluten free diet and missing all the food we used to love. Welcome to our own little version of Hell Katrina.
With the Holiday season approaching there is nothing I enjoy more then food! The treats I get to devour, the amount of mashed potatoes i will have piled high on my plate and the delicious steamed vegetables.
My mouth is drooling thinking of this.st_feature_img
There is one thing I miss, just one…for now….
STOVETOP Stuffing.  That delicious, melt in your mouth gluten filled, perfectly spiced stuffing.
This was always my go to on holidays.  Who doesn’t love stuffing you could cook in a pot in 15 minutes?
I would purchase the stuffing during holidays because it was cheapest then. I would go home, get it cooked and eat it.  I even ate a bowl full in the bath once.
Now, this past October was the first holiday since I decided to go Gluten Free. Each holiday I like to take a trip 2 hours East of Keswick to small town Havelock. Now, they do not offer much for us gluten intolerent people.  They have 1 grocery store….a small one.  They had ROWS of Stovetop stuffing and my best friend went right for it.  My sad face came on. I said to her “If I can’t eat it, you can’t” She totally agreed with me an put that stuffing away.
Just sitting here and typing this blog all I can think about is that candy apple red box with the picture of the fluffy stuffing on it. I’m drooling and I just ate dinner.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my mothers gluten free stuffing.  It is delicious and so flavourful, but what I would give to eat a whole box of stovetop with no side effects
Gosh, I could go on and on about this friggin stuffing.  I just want it. I want to eat it. I want to not get ill after it.
Damn you gluten for being so magical, so addicting, so delicious!
This is my celiac woe.  This is a big celiac woe.
Katrina has become a blogger now, as of December 02 2014 you can find her under a new moniker of Princess Gluten-Free over at her own website HERE, where she does reviews of gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian food.

Celiac Pros: Gluten Free Beer in Las Vegas

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Is it premature to tell you this or to even write about this? Probably in the grand scheme of things. I was really worried about going to Las Vegas, not because I am scared of planes or travelling or large crowds (okay maybe a little bit of the large crowd thing), but I was more scared about what I was going to eat and drink in Las Vegas because I have Celiac.

Premature because I don’t fly our of Pearson International Airport until 8:50 tonight, and there really is no telling how my trip will go or if all of this great stuff is going to happen. But I just had to pencil in my joy over this news.

photoThis weeks Celiac Pros comes from some of the greatest news I have heard all week concerning my trip. It’s a short and sweet Celiac Pros because I am all abuzz with the fact that the hotel I am staying at The Flamingo does in fact carry my favourite gluten free beer. Awesome. I really didn’t want to JUST drink tequila and daiquiris all weekend. I mean I will drink them, but they have my beer, the one beer that I can’t get in Canada, more specifically Ontario. So, happy day for Jordan.

I plan on writing up a full review of my little weekend away from the cold of Canada into the desert of Nevada and about my little adventure navigating the gluten free walkways of food and seeing if all I get to eat is actually the fruit from the buffet. I’ll let you know, but in the mean time, you have to follow me on Twitter and on Instagram, because I am sure there will be some great crap coming out of me over the course of the weekend.

Coincidently, the same weekend I am in Vegas the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference is happening. I’m not attending that event, but I thought it was a fun little bit of trivia to share. I hear a lot of good people and bloggers are going to be there, so if you are going to that event, take your camera and autograph book.

Sum it up. Favourite beer will be served at The Flamingo. A super Celiac Pro for me.

I Review Maddington Farms Gluten-Free Pancakes

Any Celiac Pro is when you can eat a delicious Gluten Free meal without problems. That’s why Maddington Farms Gluten Free Pancake Mix is a solid gold winner. A straight up Celiac Pro, across the board.

photo 1-1

If there is one thing I know, it’s pancakes. Pancakes and being gluten free, so of course I’m gonna let you in on a little secret about Maddington Farms gluten free pancake mix. If you ever wondered if a gluten free pancake could ever have the same texture as a regular wheat based pancake, this is it. It is the closest to flavour to a regular wheat flour pancake than any before it. Thats what makes Maddington Farms gluten free pancake mix number two on my list of best ever pancakes.

When the instructions call for tablespoons of butter you know it’s  gonna be a boss pancake.

It’s a great flavour, but its not a grand flavour. the flavour is so close to wheat flour you’d swear you were eating at the Waffle House. Before you think they pulled a sneaky trick and used wheat flour, they didn’t. It’s a great mix of: Rice and Tapioca Flour, Buttermilk and baking powder, Baking soda, potato starch, salt, sugar and Xanthan Gum. Direct from the company I acquired the list of ingredients because this product won’t be available in store until the start of next year and I’m super awesome getting the inside track on what you need and what makes a good Celiac Pro.

Maddington Farms is Canadian and local and friendly. I had the privilege of meeting the owner and it was a good experience. They make some great syrup too, so don’t count that out. But we need to focus on their Gluten Free Pancake Mix being the second best to my taste buds. You know what’s missing? Coconut flour. While you can use 2% milk in the mix, you could easily substitute cow milk with coconut milk. But for this review, I will stick with the real good, fresh wholesome filtered milk.

Trust me, Maddington Farms Gluten Free Pancake Mix is a Celiac Pro.

photo 1

When my daughter and I decided to make the pancakes, we needed two eggs. Guess what, we had one egg and it was already in the batter. Since it was so early on that fateful Sunday Morning, we resorted to go the corner store to buy eggs (this was scary since I’ve never bought eggs at a corner store). So, a dozen over priced eggs were bought. Mental note, be prepared next time.

photo 2-2

photo 3-1

I was going to whisk the Maddington Farms Gluten Pancake Batter, but I was like, why would I do that when I have this perfectly good blender from the 70′s sitting right here. It sounds like a jet engine taking off when you mix. It’s pretty awesome. You get a great consistency.

photo 4

Never let a three year old decide if a pancake is good. Because really, it’s a pancake and they like pancakes, and they just use syrup, and everything tastes better with syrup (also, I never used syrup when I taste tested my pancakes).

If you really want to get your hands on some of the pancake mix before it gets to stores, they will be selling some at the Cranberry Festival in Bala this weekend

Maddington Farms is a winner in my book. Don’t count them out as a competitor. They might surprise you, I will buy this product when it’s available in stores and promote it as a great food to share with my family and all my Gluten Free friends.

Just make sure you have eggs available. Corner Stores at 7am on a Sunday are kind of creepy.

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