I Review Glutino Cereal

When I do a Gluten-Free Food Review I always try to do one for the little guy. I’m never paid to do them or swayed by any one company to make sure that that said review is favourable. But, every so often I come across a food made by the nationwide companies that is really good or surprising, and I just have to tell everyone.

We’ve all heard of Glutino. A company steeped in out brains that they are gluten-free, hell, their name is GLUTINO how could you not forget about them. A company that is right there at every grocery store in the gluten-free aisle. A company that pretty much creates a GF alternate to every food. The first company I was introduced to when I was first diagnosed.

Now, some of their food is hit and miss. Some of it isn’t for me, and some I would tell you to go to the store and buy and stock up, but the other day I was at Mom’s (who is also a diagnosed Celiac) and she had no food in the fridge for me to eat. As a Son, I reserve the right to just go an eat whatever leftover food my Mom has (in the past, Mom has had to write ‘do not eat’ on her food because I will get at it. I’m an awesome Son). But nothing. So I resorted to looking in the cupboard. Cereal. I had to eat cereal.


Lo and behold, Glutino has a cereal I’ve never heard of. The name a lone baffles me to my core: Frosted Sensible Beginnings. WHAT! But at the same time, what an awesome name. I get it though. It’s the GF alternative to Frosted Flakes and I haven’t had Frosted Flakes in years, so I was all over that.

First thoughts. It smelled like stale paint. Like when you open a can of paint after ten years and its all hard useless. That was what it smelled like. Instantly I was turned off and wasn’t about to eat it. Then my change of heart happened and I was like, this is a good entry for the website. So I powered through. What did I find? Gluten-Free food has a habit of being harder and has a stale texture to it sometimes, and while this cereal was just like that the taste was great. Amazing. Mind blowing. The subtlety of the frosting was great and mixed well with the milk. It pleased me.

While it wasn’t Frosted Flakes, it was good.

I’m heading to Mom’s right now. Guess what I’m going to have a bowl of?

Good job Glutino.

I Review Gluten-Free Date Balls

I’m just pounding out a whole whack of Gluten-Free Food Reviews like a boss. You know, if you have a product you’d like me to review, new or existing. I’ll gladly give a 100% honest review of it. I’ll even talk about how creepy your mascot is (if you have a mascot. Sorry about your luck Nature’s Path).

Before I continue, I just realized how gross/awesome the title of this blog is. If you think this is a 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight fan fiction website, you came to the right place. Because I am sure going to start doing that… just kidding.

If you live in town, near me, then this Gluten-Free Food Review is right up your alley, but if you’re out of town then maybe you might want to sit this one out. I got my hand on these little balls called, well for lack of a better word; Balls.  Handmade, homemade, delicious little balls. When you look at them you might think they look unappealing, and if there is anything I learned from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is that looks can be deceiving.

There are four ingredients, all gluten-free; dates, almonds, cranberries and cinnamon. All natural.


I kept asking the person who made it, blogger Janine Fournier from Whole Nine Health (click HERE for her website) if there was chocolate in it, she kept telling me no. I swear there was chocolate, but then again, maybe she discovered the trick to making all natural organic chocolate by combining all these ingredients together. Even after berating her about it, she still says there is zero chocolate in these Balls.

I ate one of the GF balls to taste test, and they tasted so good, I had a bother and another and another, and just like that I had eaten all four of the Balls I was given to taste test and review. They have a great combination of chewy and sweet, my taste buds took over and forced me to eat them (which is nice because the one time I had these Balls way way back in September I was not impressed).

If you’re local to me in the Greater Toronto Area, then you can obtain Janine’s Balls from a little yoga studio just down the road from me. You can only get them there and if you crave something a little different as a snack or hell, even breakfast, you have to get yourself to Simplicity Yoga and ask for Janine’s Balls.

The only thing I wished that I had knowledge about prior to eating four snacks filled with dates is that, the next morning would be a mad dash to the washroom.

So I guess I did learn something: coffee and dates are a great way to get clean…if you know what I mean.

I Review Marcelle’s Kitchen Gluten Free Pancakes

You’ve been a round long enough to know that I love pancakes right? You know that in September I reviewed Maddington Farms gluten free pancakes mix and it was pretty good, but it was only number two on the list next to XO Baking Company and their amazing pancake mix. Well I’m sorry Maddington Farms you’re being demoted to number 3, because I gotta tell ya, Marcelle’s Kitchen gluten free pancake mix has just stepped up to the plate an knocked out one hell of a home run.


You can trust me when I tell you whats a good pancake and whats not because I know my shit. If there is one thing I know, besides Robocop, Wizard of Oz and having Celiac, its’ pancakes. I’ve had my fair share of terrible gluten free pancakes, and I’m willing to try any pancake at least once. I once brought pancake mix to a guys weekend and forced all the dudes to eat them, and well, they were terrible and I left the bag at my buddy’s because I wanted nothing to do with it. But if a mix is good, I will guard it with my life and make sure no one gets their paws on it.

Thats what Marcelle’s Kitchen gluten free pancake mix was like.

Now I have reviewed this bakery before, but it was the whole bakery. A few select goodies that they make, but just a few weeks ago I was out and about and stopped at Marcelle’s Kitchen just to grab a few things and decided to buy their ready made mixes. I’m happy I did. I tested them out on my daughter and wife too, and while I listen to them sometimes about how a product tastes, they agreed these pancakes were good.

2I love them. Hell, they bumped another company back just to get to number 2.

The ingredients call for sour cream (I know, weird) and that threw me for a loop, but after you add it then eat it; you’ll get it. Trust me.

Marcelle’s Kitchen is a complete gluten free bakery. Zero cross contamination and is nestled in the back of a knick knack shop in the middle of Port Perry, Ontario, but luckily some of their products are available online. Sadly, the pancake mix is not. So you have to go there to get it. And you should, you won’t regret it.

I have to drive an hour East to get it.

An hour is a small price to pay for awesome pancakes.

Now if I can get someone to cook them as good as I do.


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I Review Goldbaum’s Products

I love TV dinners and because I have Celiac I haven’t been able to get my hands on a good TV dinner in years. It’s a sad state that I can’t enjoy those great, convenient dinners, regardless of what people all say about how bad they are. When I was asked to review food for a company, they asked me what line I wanted to try, and this company has a line of TV dinners (a serious Celiac Pro) and I was all over that. I contacted them right away and said, send me those TV dinners (or a fair variation of a TV dinner for Celiacs). If you want someone to tell the world about this great product, then I am your man. 100% honesty.


Sadly, they did not send me any TV dinners, instead I got a huge box of other great gluten free goodies, thanks GOLDBAUM’S, you’re about to get an honest review from a guy who doesn’t hold punches when it comes to food, me, Jordan Middlebrook: King Gluten Free. Goldbaum’s provides a whole list, a whole line, a whole ton of Gluten Free goodies and I got to try and review a whole crap ton of them.


The box  of Gluten Free food stuffs had a bunch of products like crackers and noodles and ice cream cones. That’s right I said ice cream cones, when I saw these bad boys, I wasted no time in getting that box out and open, and by far, the greatest cones I have ever had. It’s a sugar cone, like a waffle cone, a chocolate sugar cone. I didn’t even put ice cream in it the first few times I had them. Just bare bones cones right in my maw. It was great. Then when you add some ice cream in it, gold. Pure gold. I wish I didn’t run out so fast, I wish I had more (dear Goldbaum’s please send me more).

chipsthat’s right, I was watching Avengers while eating the Quinoa Crisps

Goldbaum’s also sent along a quinoa crisp, you can imagine what that is based on the title. Little quinoa crackers/chips. Lighter than air snacks for a rainy day. I’m not a huge fan of ANYTHING quinoa, so like Kirk and his distrust for Klingon I had to settle my differences with these little guys. Guess what? The BBQ ones taste pretty good. At first there is a flavour of dirt, kinda like I licked a fresh pile of sandbox, but it’s just the faint nutty taste. I got past it quick, and just inhaled the whole bag.


Their brown rice pasta was nothing to write home about, nor really write in a blog about. There is nothing super special about the flavour of this pasta. Yes it’s gluten free, yes it’s rice, but thats it. The only thing that would appeal to me. If I was to think this tasted better than all the other brands of GF pasta, I would be wrong. Though, a neat trick this past does, is that it manages to not be as sticky as other brands. It doesn’t adhere to itself like the other brands. So, each fork full was pretty awesome, i wasn’t getting four pieces stuck together.

Last but not least, the Goldbaum’s Chow Mein Noodles, you know the little orange noodles that come with North American take out Chinese food. Yeah, that stuff. The stuff I never realized I missed until I started eating these Goldbaum’s version. These are harder, look different, and salty as hell, but they taste just like the regular version and that’s awesome in my books.

Initially I thought that this American based company wasn’t available to me in my own little Canadian community, but I checked out the store locator at their site, and holy shit, I can get some of their products from a town twenty minutes away. I literally just checked it as I wrote this review. You can guarantee I will be there to buy more Goldbaum’s products.

No matter where you are, of all things, you need to find these chocolate sugar ice cream cones, and give some of the other Goldbaum’s products a try, but mostly those ice cream cones.

I Review Maddington Farms Gluten-Free Pancakes

Any Celiac Pro is when you can eat a delicious Gluten Free meal without problems. That’s why Maddington Farms Gluten Free Pancake Mix is a solid gold winner. A straight up Celiac Pro, across the board.

photo 1-1

If there is one thing I know, it’s pancakes. Pancakes and being gluten free, so of course I’m gonna let you in on a little secret about Maddington Farms gluten free pancake mix. If you ever wondered if a gluten free pancake could ever have the same texture as a regular wheat based pancake, this is it. It is the closest to flavour to a regular wheat flour pancake than any before it. Thats what makes Maddington Farms gluten free pancake mix number two on my list of best ever pancakes.

When the instructions call for tablespoons of butter you know it’s  gonna be a boss pancake.

It’s a great flavour, but its not a grand flavour. the flavour is so close to wheat flour you’d swear you were eating at the Waffle House. Before you think they pulled a sneaky trick and used wheat flour, they didn’t. It’s a great mix of: Rice and Tapioca Flour, Buttermilk and baking powder, Baking soda, potato starch, salt, sugar and Xanthan Gum. Direct from the company I acquired the list of ingredients because this product won’t be available in store until the start of next year and I’m super awesome getting the inside track on what you need and what makes a good Celiac Pro.

Maddington Farms is Canadian and local and friendly. I had the privilege of meeting the owner and it was a good experience. They make some great syrup too, so don’t count that out. But we need to focus on their Gluten Free Pancake Mix being the second best to my taste buds. You know what’s missing? Coconut flour. While you can use 2% milk in the mix, you could easily substitute cow milk with coconut milk. But for this review, I will stick with the real good, fresh wholesome filtered milk.

Trust me, Maddington Farms Gluten Free Pancake Mix is a Celiac Pro.

photo 1

When my daughter and I decided to make the pancakes, we needed two eggs. Guess what, we had one egg and it was already in the batter. Since it was so early on that fateful Sunday Morning, we resorted to go the corner store to buy eggs (this was scary since I’ve never bought eggs at a corner store). So, a dozen over priced eggs were bought. Mental note, be prepared next time.

photo 2-2

photo 3-1

I was going to whisk the Maddington Farms Gluten Pancake Batter, but I was like, why would I do that when I have this perfectly good blender from the 70′s sitting right here. It sounds like a jet engine taking off when you mix. It’s pretty awesome. You get a great consistency.

photo 4

Never let a three year old decide if a pancake is good. Because really, it’s a pancake and they like pancakes, and they just use syrup, and everything tastes better with syrup (also, I never used syrup when I taste tested my pancakes).

If you really want to get your hands on some of the pancake mix before it gets to stores, they will be selling some at the Cranberry Festival in Bala this weekend

Maddington Farms is a winner in my book. Don’t count them out as a competitor. They might surprise you, I will buy this product when it’s available in stores and promote it as a great food to share with my family and all my Gluten Free friends.

Just make sure you have eggs available. Corner Stores at 7am on a Sunday are kind of creepy.

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