I Review Kahn’s Kitchen Granola’s Finest

I’m never one to just stand up and tell you all about health food and the benefits and how it makes you skinny or whatever. What I will tell you is what I know about any gluten-free food that comes my way. Good or bad, so where does gluten-free granola stand? Is it a health food? Is it good for you? What can I put it on? Where can I get it?



I don’t usually eat any kind of granola, even before I was diagnosed with celiac disease and need to be 100% gluten-free, so most of those kinds of questions were WAY out of my league. Questions that were nowhere near my wheel house, only, today, for the first time ever, I will tell you all about something that was brought to my attention. Kahn’s Kitchen and their gluten-free Granola’s Finest (on a side note, writing this gluten-free food review while listening to the Buffy musical episode soundtrack really enhances my ability to creatively review this product).


Raisin, Crunchy, Original and Cinnamon Raisin are the gluten-free flavours that were delivered to my front door, and after one bite of the Cinnamon Raisin, there was no turning back. Each handful of the granola was like a health food store party in my mouth. The Cinnamon was the DJ and the raisins where the guys wandering around with squirt-guns filled with tequila. The kind of party I want to attend. Every. Single. Day. Hands down. I was told you can put granola in salads and in pancakes and in cereal and in pretty much any food you could think of, and there are two things I absolutely hate in my food: nuts and raisins (the only reason they should ever be together is in trail mix). I can can guarantee I will only eat Kahn’s Kitchen granola on it’s own, right out of the bag, funnelled into my mouth, like I’m downing a beer.

If there is anything you should ever know about me is that I love bacon, pancakes, beer, maple syrup and cinnamon. I’m easily swayed by either of those, I can only assume that Kahn’s Kitchen knew this when they sent me the cinnamon flavour. I can assure you that this isn’t the case. While I LOVED the cinnamon flavour, the remaining bags of Granola’s Greatest were all in fact just as tasty. All flavours had the awesome combination of chewy and crispy. Everything I think granola should be, combined with taste.


I did realize something:

On the back on the Kahn’s Kitchen Granola’s Finest bag there was a little disclaimer that said ‘lasts longer if refrigerated’. Which of course makes sense for a lot of things, especially a product like this without any preservatives. I think this granola actually tastes better cold. Not just refrigerated to preserve its freshness, like, pull it out of the fridge and eat it like Cookie Monster. I live just outside Toronto, Canada and the box of goodies sat in the freezing cold before I came home. Of course as soon as I got the box inside to eat, the product was cold. Then later, it warmed up and, not as good.

In conclusion: Kahn’s Kitchen and their gluten-free, grain free and soy free Granola’s Finest is an amazing tasting product. If you want to find out about them and get your mitts on some just click HERE to go to their website (plus Kahn is a badass name. I got stuck with Jordan. Thanks mom). It’s days like this when I am happy I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Without it, I never would have never been able to try this gluten-free gem (thanks again mom for the celiac disease). The Cinnamon Raisin is super duper rad and I am sad that I ate the whole bag in less that 12 hours. You need to give Kahn’s Kitchen a shot.

All opinions in this review are my own words. I was not paid or swayed in anyway and I receive no endorsements from readers clicking on links – Jordan Middlebrook

I Review SoLo Gi Gluten-free Energy Bars

There are days when you just drag ass. Usually starting with a Monday and then that terrible mood continues through the week. I was having one of those weeks were I just couldn’t get my shit in gear and keep upbeat and happy. Sure I should have been happy, I was using a chainsaw and being as manly a man as possible, but I was just drained.

Was it the impending cold I knew was just hanging out, waiting to strike, or was it the week after a busy weekend where I just couldn’t get sleep or rest to re-energize myself? It was both. Then coupled that with no solid sleep for three days, less than 12 hours sleep in a 72 hour period. I. Was. Drained.

Luckily, a new product to review came in the mail, the gluten-free low glycemic snack SoLo Gi, you can visit their site HERE. Designed to slowly release the necessary sugar and carbs into your body for longer lasting energy and no crashes. SoLo Gi introduced the low glycemic energy bars in 2005, targeting athletes and energy seekers like myself: a busy parent who is always on the go, working for myself as a landscaper and property manager (including epic blogger).

I was so excited to try the coconut bar, I didn't even put on a shirt.
I was so excited to try the coconut bar, I didn’t even put on a shirt.

Did they work for me?

Yup. 100%. The SoLo Gi bars did what they were supposed to, provide me with enough energy for he course of the day to fulfil what needed to be done. It took a bit to understand how they would work for me, I used them over the course of the week and figured out how my body was reacting to the SoLo Gi bar’s energy giving powers. I found that, due to me being a big dude I needed two bars to keep going. I found I had one at 8am and another around 9:30am. It’s not like a full blast of power, but I was alert and awake and my body was raring to kick some ass. It was close to 3pm that I felt my body start to slump and lose all my gusto. Pretty amazing if you ask me. I went a whole day with no crash from what caffeine might give me, or an expensive energy drink. SoLo Gi was just perfect.

The best is that it’s gluten-free. They can double as a part of my breakfast or I can include it as a mid morning snack. They really can work into my day.

Eating at work.
Eating at work.

Taste? They came in all kinds of flavours: coconut, lemon, chocolate and mixed together like the apple and cinnamon one. All were distinct in their own way, and stood out against one another. There was a problem I found. Each bar had an underlying, as best as I can describe it, a chemical taste. A flavour that didn’t taste right or stir well with the others. Every SoLo Gi bar had it. There was the flavour of say; Dark Chocolate and Mandarin (which was my second favourite flavour right under the apple one) and then the nodes of off base flavour. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but it was there, and I didn’t like it.

Time to shovel snow. Break out the SoLo!
Time to shovel snow. Break out the SoLo!

Sometimes you find a gluten-free bar that does in fact taste gluten-free. There are no two ways around it, yes, you can tell what’s gluten-free by the first bite. SoLo Gi does a good job by not tasting gluten-free. Though, hmmm, maybe that weird taste is the ‘gluten-free’ of it. Wow.

I would of course buy more of the SoLo Gi bars on my own, because despite any of the shortcomings, they still tasted good, and did exactly what they are supposed to do. A company that comes through on their promise of providing a service like low glycemic energy is good. I’m a big guy who works hard and parents hard and I will make sure that I have these SoLo Gi bars handy to me in the future.

If you have any energy issues like I do, or want to try one, go get one. I give it a solid thumbs up.


All opinions in this review are my own words. I was not paid or swayed in anyway – Jordan Middlebrook

I Review Fire in the Kitchen

I like food that is pleasing to the mouth. That seems like a really weird statement, but then again, every person is different. Chicken fried rice comes to mind, it’s both sweet and savoury. The opposite of bland and spicy.  One type of food I actively try to avoid is spicy food. I’ve never been a fan of it and I have missed out on some pretty good chicken wings because of it.

You know I don’t like dark chocolate, and since this has been a few weeks of learning things about me; you just learned that I don’t like spicy food. This week, again, I was swayed to think different. Not through money or influence, but flavour and taste.

Fire in the Kitchen (website HERE) is another Canadian company that makes a plethora of gluten-free seasonings and rubs, pickles and even a Ceaser glass rimming salt. All bases are covered with what this company has done to bring new and interesting choices to your home and to your plate. I’m a firm believer in going with your gut and doing what you feel is right, and Fire in the Kitchen surprised me with a few packets of food. The one I used was the Rib Rub. A dry rub that traditionally should go on ribs…not in my house….it went on chicken.

Now there is a traditional meal. Meat and potatoes.
Now there is a traditional meal. Meat and potatoes.

What can you say about a rub that you’re scared about eating? Why was I scared? It has spicy, it  said it right on the package. And as you know spice ain’t my bag, but WOW was I impressed. This was really nothing like I remember eating. The combination of brown sugar sweetness combined with heat was something I never expected. The balance of flavour and heat was pure excellence. A heat that didn’t stay in my mouth and hang around. It teased my taste buds for a few seconds longer after I swallowed and was gone.

I have never encountered a spicy food like this.

I would never purposely go out and buy food like hot sauce or chili’s but if I saw Fire in the Kitchen’s Rib Rub I would buy another bag for myself. Not only would I try it on the food it’s meant for (ribs), I would unleash it on unsuspecting friends that don’t like spicy food (I’m looking at you Sam) and surprise them with this unique food.

Get in on this.
Get in on this.

I have celiac disease and therefore maintain a completely 100% gluten-free diet and sometimes finding GF spices or something different like that for my food is difficult. Not this week, not this time. Being out there like I am as a blogger, as King Gluten Free, I come across foods of all kinds that make life that much easier, and tastier. Fire in the Kitchen has this game down pat. You might need convincing on your own terms, but if you check out their website and see what they have to offer, you might be tempted to try something else.

I want to get my hands on that Burger Batter. Even the name alone makes me want to try it.


I was neither paid nor swayed in any way regarding this review. All of these words are mine and mine alone.

– Jordan Middlebrook

I Review Giddy YoYo

This week and next, you’re going to find out one or two things about me. This week isn’t a huge shocker or anything; I don’t like dark chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate. Just not dark chocolate. I have found that since I have started blogging and doing reviews of food, I’m taking more chances at trying food I don’t usually like, and it all starts and all thanks to a solid Canadian company: Giddy YoYo (website HERE).

Case in point: dark chocolate.

Giddy YoYo has two things going for it: it makes chocolate and it’s Canadian (okay, there’s more: the food is gluten-free and vegan). I was able to get my hands on some of their raw, organic and fair trade chocolate to taste, test and review. I was both pleasantly surprised and distastefully disappointed. I was able to choose all the food that was sent my way for review, so I only had myself to blame.

Like my new white background?

Raw Hundo Dark Chocolate. I’m talking 100% cocoa. 100%, it blows my mind that this bar exists. Knowing that it does, you have to remember that Giddy YoYo doesn’t call their chocolate bars ‘candy’ it’s called food. These bars are packed with protein and are what you might call; healthy chocolate. Nothing about these says candy. I felt that way when I ate the Raw Hundo bar. I didn’t like it. It was harsh and powerful and tasted a lot like raw chocolate, which I know it’s supposed to be, but It’s apparent it wasn’t for me. It stuck to my tongue and I didn’t like the way it coated the inside of my mouth. A coating of 100% raw dark chocolate that was sure to make me hate the rest of the Giddy YoYo food I was to taste.

Not the case.


I like my chocolate sweet. No mint, no orange, nothing. So 63% sweet dark chocolate was closer to something up my alley. It’s still dark but I’m all about trying new things (especially bringing my awesome choice words about the gluten-free food I eat to my readers). This was good food. There was no harsh dark chocolate flavour, just a smooth ride all the way to the stomach. I found myself craving more after each and every bite. It was truly a different flavour than other dark chocolate I’ve had. I would want to go so far as to spread a rumour that Giddy YoYo puts crack in the chocolate, but they don’t, so don’t tell people that.

You’d think that ginger and 76% cocoa don’t go together. If you think that, you’re wrong. The first thing that hit me when I opened the wrapper: Christmas. Specifically Christmas morning at my grandparents house. It was a powerful memory triggered by smell and I have to say, made me like the Ginger bar a lot more. Even though I do not like dark chocolate, I found myself wanting more and more of this. Whether it was the memory of my passed on grandparents brought back with each bite or the eternal feeling of Christmas; I didn’t care. There is no doubt in  my mind that I looked like a crazy person, constantly smelling this before, after and during the eating process, but I LOVED THIS BAR!

Ginger and chocolate. BEST COMBO EVER

Giddy YoYo gets it’s Ecuadorian chocolate raised in mineral rich soil using the freshest spring water and grown in remote environments completely free of chemicals. The food itself is untouched by GMO and solvents and metals that usually come with bringing food to market. It makes Giddy YoYo one of the fore-runners in the healthy chocolate industry. Me, being a diagnosed celiac, it’s nice to have a good tasting bar to go to for when I need that fix of gluten-free chocolate, so big plus there. I like what they’re doing to bring good food to the masses, it’s healthy to see a small company do that…. plus they made chocolate that made me think of Gramma and Grandpa.

I want you to go to to the Giddy YoYo website by clicking HERE and getting your hands on the ginger bar and telling me what you think of it. Please. Thanks. 🙂

I was neither paid nor swayed in any way regarding this review. All of these words are mine and mine alone.

– Jordan Middlebrook

I Review Josies’ Coat of Oats

If you know anything about me, its that I like food. If you know anything else about me, it’s that I know how to make one thing when it comes to food: pancakes. My four year old daughter even went so far as to call me the ‘best pancaker ever’. So I really have that going for me.

I was asked to review a different kind of food, an oat coating. Josie’s Coat of Oat’s (website HERE) specifically. It’s an alternative to bread crumbs when baking, covering your food like chicken or even vegetables. Best part is; it’s gluten-free. Oats and all natural spices? It struck me as a new kind of product, a healthy product, and a product I had no idea how to use (because you can’t or probably shouldn’t use it in pancakes).

On the back of the bag is a recipe for making meatballs, and wouldn’t you know it? At my house it just happens to be gluten-free pasta and meatballs night. What a grand coincidence.

…and meatballs

Here’s what you need to know before we proceed: I did not make the meatballs. My mother-in-law made all the food while I was at dinner. She followed the recipe on the back of the bag to a tee. What else do you need to know? Ever since, for as long as I can remember, my mother-in-law has been making gluten-free meatballs without anything inside them to hold them together. No GF crackers of breadcrumbs. She just makes them. Meat and eggs and onions from what I understand, so getting a hold of Josie’s Coat of Oats was a treat, not just for me, the diagnosed celiac who has to eat gluten-free, but for the whole family who now gets to have a real meatball, gluten-free or not.

Here, I’ll tell you what I thought of the addition of Josie’s Coats of Oats to the meatballs: AWESOME.

There is some restaurant quality gluten-free meatballs
Those are some restaurant quality gluten-free meatballs right there

What a great tasting product. The whole family concurred with me that this was a great and delicious dinner. I commented on the texture of the gluten-free ball, then someone else did. It was quite the hit. So good in fact that I ate more than I really should have. I’m King Gluten Free, but at dinner with Josie’s Coat of Oats is was the meatball king. There is NO doubt in my mind that Josie’s Coat of Oats was the main factor for the gluten-free meatballs being so damn good.

After this great run of food I will make sure to coat my chicken parmesan with a great helping of Josie’s Coats of Oats. I was told that celebrity chefs enjoy this product, well, now they can add Kings.

I was neither paid nor swayed in any way regarding this review. All of these words are mine and mine alone.

– Jordan Middlebrook

I Review the Gluuteny Holiday Gift Box

The holidays are fast approaching, not just Christmas but the American Thanksgiving. All these dates are best filled with sweets and cookies and beer and love and family (which is probably why you need the beer) and gift boxes. Oh no, I said the magic word ‘gift’. Now your mind has switched to shopping mode (I’m super low maintenance. A six pack of beer is all I really need), but what about those sweets I was talking about?


Gluuteny.com (website HERE), a company who is an award winning, dedicated gluten free and dairy free bakery with soy free and vegan offerings sent me one of their Holiday Gift Boxes to see what I thought of all the treats deep inside the quaint white box that arrived at my door. Gluuteny’s Holiday Gift Box includes 4 Classic Brownies, 4 Mini Sugar Cookies, 6 Cookies (2 each of Chocolate Chip, Snicker Doodle and Double Chocolate Chip) and 1 Pumpkin Loaf. It’s a lot of baked goods to toss at one dude, so I spread the love and gave my Mom some (who is also a diagnosed celiac).

I love gluten-free cookies so there was no doubt to anyone that I was indeed enamoured by the size of these bad boys. I have a big hand and these cookies rivalled my beast like paws. Straight to the point: great cookies. Soft in the middle, chewy, all were flavour packed with the exception of the Snickerdoodle one. Something about it that just tasted bland. No real punch. The chocolate and chocolate chip cookies had me gripping my seat like a race car passenger as the taste zipped over my taste buds. They were a real treat. I was even glutened one day recently and needed comfort food… the chocolate chip cookie did the thing. Felt like home.

Plate sized cookies. Epic.
Plate sized cookies. Epic.

The bad? The pumpkin loaf and sugar cookies. The sprinkles had more taste than the cookies and the pumpkin loaf was like eating dry toast. The moistness of the cookies wasn’t shared by the loaf, and that was disappointing. I didn’t even finish the food. I took a slice, took a bite and…. nope. Was not a fan.

Which brings me to the brownies. BROWNIES!

This thing is the real deal. Huge portion. Huge chocolate flavour. Huge thumbs up. I  had one of these individually wrapped bricks of baked goods at work for my breakfast (don’t judge me) and I was so sad that I didn’t have another one. Just a classic brownie to the core, a great gluten-free treat that I think everyone should get their hands on.

Sweet brownie; will you marry me?
Sweet brownie; will you marry me?

So how do you get your hands on this box of gluten-free holiday magic? Just click HERE to get to the Gluuteny site and see what they have. They can mail you boxes or you can go right to their store in Pittsburgh.

A+ Gluuteny. A+.


I was neither paid nor swayed in any way regarding this review. All of these words are mine and mine alone. – Jordan Middlebrook


I Review Sirenis Gluten-Free Fish & Chips

Gluten-free fish and chips has mostly eluded the gluten free community just because it’s hard to make in a commercial setting. Don’t get all angry because you know there are boxed and frozen brands in the supermarket you can get your mitts on. But what about a restaurant where you can eat in safety and cross contamination isn’t an issue?

What if I told you there is a gluten-free fish and chip store just forty minutes from my place?

Sirenis Fish & Chips, their website is HERE,  blew me out of the water from the moment I placed my order to the moment they handed me my take-out bag of BBQ gluten-free chicken wings.


My mother and sister have raved about Sirenis for a long time since they found it, and all I can think about, is “when can I get my hands on some of this?” (One Thursday I actually had my little sister bring me some to work, an hour away and I ate it and it was so good. That was the first time I ever had it, she took a picture of me eating it and then sent it to me, then I lost it) Finally I had a chance to make my own way to Sirenis with my wife and daughter to try the gluten-free fish and chips first hand.

Appetizer: gluten-free homemade mozzarella sticks. I don’t even remember the last time I’ve ever had mozzarella sticks? You can probably get them in stores, but they will never be anywhere close to the crispy and gooey ones I had. A huge plate of cheesy heart stopping food that I would travel for hours to get my hands on. These are worth the trip to Sirenis for sure, even if you’re not a fish fan.

this. is. bliss

There is always negativity with reviews. Mine isn’t as bad as you think. French fries. While Sirenis has outstanding gluten-free bater fish, the fries left me wanting something more. They didn’t stand out. Nothing special about them, they were just ordinary run-of-the-mill fries. Win some, lose some.

Entree? The fish? Let me tell you. I’ve been medically diagnosed with Celiac Disease since 2008 and I have been without a good battered fish since then. A fresh piece of gluten-free halibut is exactly what my taste buds needed. The brain fires off on all cylinders when you eat this food. Sirenis has a gold mine when it comes to this gluten-free food sitting right in the middle of a plaza. It’s one of those word of mouth places you hear about but never find: Sirenis is the place.

I totally forgot to take a picture before I started eating.

Two more orders for GF fish and chips was buzzing around me as we left for the day. Judging by their food and their two others patrons when I left, they do good for themselves and are a welcome institution to the Celiac and gluten-free community.

I’m going back to Sirenis when ever I can, even if its just for the mozzarella sticks, but next time you’re in Canada and want a great greasy spoon meal kind of feel, get your ass to Sirenis. I can almost guarantee you’re gluten-free experience will be amazing and you’ll be counting down the days until your next visit.

That and gluten-free mozzarella sticks.

Food. YAH!

Chuck E. Cheese does Gluten-Free

Great things come along once in a while for anyone diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Recently My wife, daughter and I took a nice family afternoon and went to Chuck E. Cheese, who you can check out HERE, for food and games and sticky fingers. It was great. When we came home, my mother in-law seemed disappointed that I wasn’t able to eat there. Boy was she wrong.

Remember, I said every so often something good comes along?

While the fact that Chuck E. Cheese offers gluten-free food probably isn’t a surprise to a lot of people (I, in fact knew about it for a while and just never had a chance to hit it up) it was a surprise to me how easy it was.  Easy as in, right there on the menu on the wall it says in bold print: GLUTEN FREE. I only ordered the pizza, but you get the point. Even the guy at the desk was helpful. Explained how they cook it and how it gets to me.

“sealed for your protection” Music to my ears.

Still, the best is yet to come.

Anything I’m telling you, you can find out on their website. They state right there how they serve the GF food to you or your party. But then you wouldn’t get my awesome experience.

The pizza comes from the third party manufacture (only a GF cheese pizza) in a cookable bag. They cook the gluten-free pizza in a bag. There is no threat of cross contamination and no worries about your stomach or buttonhole being destroyed by gluten. They deliver it to your table all wrapped and safe. A sealed gluten-free meal that I have NEVER been more proud to have in front of me. No diagnosed Celiac can feel any more safer than I did eating at Chuck E. Cheese.

It’s just a personal pizza, which I will tell you, is not King Gluten Free sized. I’m a big meal eating kind of man, and a personal pizza isn’t gonna cut it. Now, I’m not sure if the bakeable bag affects the way the pizza cooks, but I get the feeling, my GF pizza crust was a little under cooked. I’ve eaten GF pizza before and I’ve had many different kinds, so I know what a cooked crust tastes like: this was no it. If it wasn’t cooked or not, it tasted good. I assume if it was cooked, it would be better.

As a diagnosed Celiac; pre made gluten free pizza is gluten free pizza. Hit and miss.

So the best part?

You get a personal sized pizza sitting in front of you and no one has cut it for you. WHAT THE HELL?!? Fear not, because, like I said, the best is yet to come. With each GF menu you get a personal, individually wrapped, clearly labelled GF pizza cutter. That is dedication.



All I want to do now is eat at Chuck E Cheese and play ticket games and watch my daughter get distracted by the blinking lights surrounding us, she’s so much like me. And a huge ups to Chuck E Cheese for doing all the people needing to eat gluten-free food a solid. It’s always good to know we can eat in peace, and spend less time worrying and more time laughing with our families.

Tried to take a nice pic, kid was distracted by all the blinking lights.
Tried to take a nice pic, kid was distracted by all the blinking lights. It’s like a casino for kids.

I Review a Gluten-Free Brownie

When you think about gluten-free brownies, do you think about fruit? I guess you would if you were eating a vegan brownie as well. At least it’s not kale and chocolate or some other weird-ass combination, not unlike banana beef. Then again, I could see the benefits of a banana-beef muffin if that were to ever exist. Maybe I’m not in the write area? Maybe I should stop blogging and start making the weirdest combination foods for the gluten-free sector. Just think about it; custard and bacon…. trust me, it’ll grow on you. 🙂

Banana-beef. Anyone?

I had the privilege of tasting and therefore reviewing Just Berried Brownies from a small Canadian baker named Sweet Gluten Freedom. You can check out their Facebook page HERE and then actually think about the name of the bakery. Probably my favourite name of anything that has to do with gluten. I could see it catching on as an exclamation to the amazing things that happen around us.

“I just one the lottery. I now have one million dollars”

“Sweet Gluten Freedom thats a lot of money”

These brownies are a chocolate and raspberry mix. It keeps the brownie really moist for a long period of time. Considering I left them on the counter for a fews days after I tasted them, then went back and had a few more. So, that’s pretty cool. Agave nectar, coconut milk whats not to like?


While it’s a good tasting brownie. A plump piece of baked goods heaven, I didn’t like the fruit, and I’m a fruit guy. I like big chunks of fruit in my jam. I like the fruit on the bottom yogurt. I like fruit. Simple fact, but it was to overpowering. It really distracted from the chocolate taste and it’s supposed to be a chocolate brownie too. Sadly, I didn’t taste the chocolate. The only indication that it was chocolate of any kind was that the product was brown. I like chocolate as much as I like fruit, it’s just that the ratio was way off.

The name of the brownie: Just Berried Brownies, really should have been a heads up for me. There is no mention of chocolate in the title, but brownie to me means chocolate.

Sweet Gluten Freedom is still pretty small and slow to grow, but I see the potential in the food. GOOD gluten-free baked goods are hit and miss, and while the Just Berried Brownies are a miss for me that doesn’t mean they don’t have other products…. I just have to get my hands on them.

I Review Simply Protein Chips

Did you read THIS BLOG? Where I talk about not reading the label of a gluten free product? Well, it’s only fair that I review it. Simply Protein Chips, click HERE for their site, comes in three flavours, and as of a week ago I had no clue they even existed. That’s not really my fault, I wasn’t searching them out or anything. One of the greatest things about having Celiac Disease and needing to be 100% gluten free is that companies try all sorts of different alternatives with food and come up with some really nifty ideas. Some work out, some don’t. Not everyone can be the best.

Simply Protein Chip Bag
This is their picture of the product taken straight off of their website

Simply Protein Chips are pretty good at being good. Made of pea protein and are better for you on many levels. They even show you a nifty chart on their site about how it’s better for you. Better for weigh loss or dieting or weening yourself of other snacks (I’m not to sure how that last one works, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s their company, they can do whatever they want). I snagged a bag of BBQ flavoured chips, not for the BBQ, but because it had grilled tomatoes on the front of the bag and that intrigued me. I don’t even think I saw BBQ printed on the bag when I grabbed it, just the tomatoes. Grilled tomatoes. I ate them in the truck, and while at the time I didn’t consider making a review of the product, I will give you my thoughts on it.

chip bag
This is my picture of the product as I ate them and pulled over to take a picture of it (I’m totally a professional)

You know that smell of fresh dirt? My first bite kind or reminded me of that. It really isn’t a bad thing, it’s like the smell of fresh cut grass. Every one likes it, but if you can taste how something smells then you’ve got something. It didn’t affect the flavour because it was kind of heart warming for me. Reminded me of home, this could be a great comfort food if there wasn’t so much emphasis on it being a healthy food. The home run of the BBQ flavoured Simply Protein Chips with the grilled tomatoes on the bag is that they really taste like tomato soup. How does any other company compete with that? Tomato soup in chip form? I’m sold. It’s spicy and sweet and tastes like tomato soup, you have to get a bag to try it.

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