The Old New Gluten Free Family Dinner

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As a Celiac I’ve heard all the stories about going to family functions and all the people at that function no really giving two rat’s asses about what you need to eat. Gluten Free or not, you were eating the wheat bread stuffing or you were eating nothing. It’s just a fact that some of use with Celiac have to deal with at least once or twice, maybe even more, depending how much your family doesn’t understand.

To bad it’s December, and December means Christmas, and Christmas means miracles. So enough stories about people not getting our shit, here’s to stories about people who go out of their way to accommodate us and make us feel welcome.

Nanny Shirley knocked it out of the park this year with the yearly Christmas get together. For years she has been hosting a family function and since 2008 she has had a Celiac in the family and has been trying hard to work with it. Each year since then has been hit and miss. Some food that she thought was gluten free was in fact not (always remember that organic does not always mean gluten free). She is an older lady and words like gluten and Celiac are words that are foreign to some and here I was, not eating 98% of the food because of bread crumbs and all kinds of cross contamination. That was 2008.

This is 2013. This is the year a kindly old woman hit a major home run with our family dinner. Not only cooking every article of food herself, but cooking 98% of the food gluten free. An amazing change since the days when I was first diagnosed. We sat, a family where the regular gluten eaters fat out weighed the gluten free eaters (there are three of us now) and our 78 year old nanny Shirley catered to us. A feat that a lot of families don’t care for or about.


sadly I didn’t take a picture of any of the food at this great dinner,so here is a picture of The Fantastic Four eating food.

Stuffing. Turkey. even the homemade desserts. All Gluten Free. Sausages, lasagna and even the mashed potatoes. All Gluten Free. You would swear it was Christmas a month early.

This 78 year old woman deserves more acclaim that a blog post, changing cooking and baking habits for one set of three people. All in the name of the holidays, but most important all in the name of love. Never even once complaining about the differences of difficulties of creating a special meal for a small set of people. Love seems to know no bounds.

Dinner was amazing.

Then, behind her rocking chair, a book caught my eye. A brand new cook book about making/baking gluten free meals.

Learning new things for the ones you love. That’s family.

An amazing woman, being a part of an amazing story.

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