I Review Goldbaum’s Products

I love TV dinners and because I have Celiac I haven’t been able to get my hands on a good TV dinner in years. It’s a sad state that I can’t enjoy those great, convenient dinners, regardless of what people all say about how bad they are. When I was asked to review food for a company, they asked me what line I wanted to try, and this company has a line of TV dinners (a serious Celiac Pro) and I was all over that. I contacted them right away and said, send me those TV dinners (or a fair variation of a TV dinner for Celiacs). If you want someone to tell the world about this great product, then I am your man. 100% honesty.


Sadly, they did not send me any TV dinners, instead I got a huge box of other great gluten free goodies, thanks GOLDBAUM’S, you’re about to get an honest review from a guy who doesn’t hold punches when it comes to food, me, Jordan Middlebrook: King Gluten Free. Goldbaum’s provides a whole list, a whole line, a whole ton of Gluten Free goodies and I got to try and review a whole crap ton of them.


The box  of Gluten Free food stuffs had a bunch of products like crackers and noodles and ice cream cones. That’s right I said ice cream cones, when I saw these bad boys, I wasted no time in getting that box out and open, and by far, the greatest cones I have ever had. It’s a sugar cone, like a waffle cone, a chocolate sugar cone. I didn’t even put ice cream in it the first few times I had them. Just bare bones cones right in my maw. It was great. Then when you add some ice cream in it, gold. Pure gold. I wish I didn’t run out so fast, I wish I had more (dear Goldbaum’s please send me more).

chipsthat’s right, I was watching Avengers while eating the Quinoa Crisps

Goldbaum’s also sent along a quinoa crisp, you can imagine what that is based on the title. Little quinoa crackers/chips. Lighter than air snacks for a rainy day. I’m not a huge fan of ANYTHING quinoa, so like Kirk and his distrust for Klingon I had to settle my differences with these little guys. Guess what? The BBQ ones taste pretty good. At first there is a flavour of dirt, kinda like I licked a fresh pile of sandbox, but it’s just the faint nutty taste. I got past it quick, and just inhaled the whole bag.


Their brown rice pasta was nothing to write home about, nor really write in a blog about. There is nothing super special about the flavour of this pasta. Yes it’s gluten free, yes it’s rice, but thats it. The only thing that would appeal to me. If I was to think this tasted better than all the other brands of GF pasta, I would be wrong. Though, a neat trick this past does, is that it manages to not be as sticky as other brands. It doesn’t adhere to itself like the other brands. So, each fork full was pretty awesome, i wasn’t getting four pieces stuck together.

Last but not least, the Goldbaum’s Chow Mein Noodles, you know the little orange noodles that come with North American take out Chinese food. Yeah, that stuff. The stuff I never realized I missed until I started eating these Goldbaum’s version. These are harder, look different, and salty as hell, but they taste just like the regular version and that’s awesome in my books.

Initially I thought that this American based company wasn’t available to me in my own little Canadian community, but I checked out the store locator at their site, and holy shit, I can get some of their products from a town twenty minutes away. I literally just checked it as I wrote this review. You can guarantee I will be there to buy more Goldbaum’s products.

No matter where you are, of all things, you need to find these chocolate sugar ice cream cones, and give some of the other Goldbaum’s products a try, but mostly those ice cream cones.

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