I Review Tiger Nuts

Of all the gluten-free food I have reviewed, Tiger Nuts are by far the best named. Here’s the messed up thing, this gluten-free healthy snack isn’t even a nut, its a small tuber. A root vegetable that grows like a potato or a carrot (I wrote this and then realized that’s pretty much what it says on the Tiger Nuts package).

Tiger Nuts asked if I wanted to review their supreme peeled, seriously healthy snack food, and I am never one to turn down that offer, so I jumped at the chance to get my hands on something I’ve never seen before. Especially a gluten-free snack coupled with a list like: lactose free, nut free, natural, and low calorie.

A quaint brown package reminds me of an independent company and the small plastic window reminds me of the small plastic window in an envelop to show your address. Getting mail is supposed to get us all excited, so I am sure when marketing devised the plan to put a small window in their Tiger Nuts bag they though the same thing.

Before I get to taste, lets look at the product.


With only a few in my hands it felt like air. No real weigh to them. So how could this food pack all the nutritional benefits that are claimed to be inside if it’s so light? Eat a healthy homemade granola bar, that shit weighs a quarter tonne and would just stick to your insides. The Tiger Nuts are like drops of snacks air. The look of them remind me of what Sugar Crisp cereal looks like, or maybe what popcorn looks like after you run it under water.

My wife did not like these at all. She ate one. Then none.

Me. Initially I was on the fence about how they tasted. There is this small sweetness to them, its subtle, but it’s there, but yes I did like this little food. They are tough to chew, and if you put a handful in your mouth it’s like attempting to eat wet paper, but the snacks taste good. Tiger Nuts do have some sweetness to them, but still maintain the dull texture and background flavour of a boring ass potato. They’re different than late night snacks, but they’re good tasting. Tiger Nuts are marketed to you as a healthy snack packed with fiber, iron and high levels of vitamin E, it’s supposed to have a dull taste. That’s the curse of healthy food.


Go to the Tiger Nuts webpage HERE and buy a bag and try it. I would recommend this for something different. I’ve never had quite such an original food. A tuber as a snack is interesting. I liked the dull/sweet taste, and I like that they’re marked to me as ‘supreme peeled’ as in, they peeled the outer shell off for me, like that would be a selling point.

Tiger Nuts. My word that’s a pretty awesome name.

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  2. Nice finding your blog I have gain a lot from it

  3. Great contribution love your blog, hopefully I’ll be back.

  4. Great contribution love your blog, hopefully I’ll be back.

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