I Review The Bushman’s Bar

Staring at the product I’m going to review today and thinking ‘The Bushman’s Bar actually sounds kind of dirty’.

I was really curious about what The Bushman’s Bar was all about (more HERE). It’s an independent Canadian company that makes these natural bars. Manitoba is not a place you’d expect to find something like this, and the official/unofficial mascot for the company is a the bushman himself JoJo. How could I pass up something like that? A gluten-free food that is made and based on wild and natural food found in the northern parts of Canada, I’m all over that.

Jordan with bushman bar

I first came across The Bushman’s Bar at the Gluten Free Expo in Toronto, it was a busy booth that I wasn’t able to get close to. I listened to others talk about the food and was able to sneak a tiny sample for myself. At the time I wasn’t sold. Of course it was a small sample and could have been sitting out for a while, but I really wanted to get my hands on more more MORE!!!

Boreal Berry Bar Inc was more than happy to send me some proper wrapped samples to give a try, and I wasn’t disappointed.

This bar is made of wild rice and all natural ingredients that make a flavour pop in your mouth. This dense bar is a purple colour that reminds me of a fancy bar of soap, but the taste is no where near that. It’s sweet. It’s denseness means you need to give the chewing power an extra munch and chomp, but it’s worth it. This is a great gluten-free bar. Jeff Willerton author of Fix Canada have one quote on the Boreal Berry Bar Inc website which sums up what I think of this product: “All I want is one bar a day for the rest of my life. Is that too much to ask?” and I couldn’t agree more.


I’ve been eating these bars for breakfast, with my breakfast, as an after work snack and a decoration on the counter. There is a place in my life for these bars, and now that I know they are available for purchase online, I might just be getting a few more, take them camping, and then everyone else might be getting some for Christmas.

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