I Review SoLo Gi Gluten-free Energy Bars

There are days when you just drag ass. Usually starting with a Monday and then that terrible mood continues through the week. I was having one of those weeks were I just couldn’t get my shit in gear and keep upbeat and happy. Sure I should have been happy, I was using a chainsaw and being as manly a man as possible, but I was just drained.

Was it the impending cold I knew was just hanging out, waiting to strike, or was it the week after a busy weekend where I just couldn’t get sleep or rest to re-energize myself? It was both. Then coupled that with no solid sleep for three days, less than 12 hours sleep in a 72 hour period. I. Was. Drained.

Luckily, a new product to review came in the mail, the gluten-free low glycemic snack SoLo Gi, you can visit their site HERE. Designed to slowly release the necessary sugar and carbs into your body for longer lasting energy and no crashes. SoLo Gi introduced the low glycemic energy bars in 2005, targeting athletes and energy seekers like myself: a busy parent who is always on the go, working for myself as a landscaper and property manager (including epic blogger).

I was so excited to try the coconut bar, I didn't even put on a shirt.
I was so excited to try the coconut bar, I didn’t even put on a shirt.

Did they work for me?

Yup. 100%. The SoLo Gi bars did what they were supposed to, provide me with enough energy for he course of the day to fulfil what needed to be done. It took a bit to understand how they would work for me, I used them over the course of the week and figured out how my body was reacting to the SoLo Gi bar’s energy giving powers. I found that, due to me being a big dude I needed two bars to keep going. I found I had one at 8am and another around 9:30am. It’s not like a full blast of power, but I was alert and awake and my body was raring to kick some ass. It was close to 3pm that I felt my body start to slump and lose all my gusto. Pretty amazing if you ask me. I went a whole day with no crash from what caffeine might give me, or an expensive energy drink. SoLo Gi was just perfect.

The best is that it’s gluten-free. They can double as a part of my breakfast or I can include it as a mid morning snack. They really can work into my day.

Eating at work.
Eating at work.

Taste? They came in all kinds of flavours: coconut, lemon, chocolate and mixed together like the apple and cinnamon one. All were distinct in their own way, and stood out against one another. There was a problem I found. Each bar had an underlying, as best as I can describe it, a chemical taste. A flavour that didn’t taste right or stir well with the others. Every SoLo Gi bar had it. There was the flavour of say; Dark Chocolate and Mandarin (which was my second favourite flavour right under the apple one) and then the nodes of off base flavour. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but it was there, and I didn’t like it.

Time to shovel snow. Break out the SoLo!
Time to shovel snow. Break out the SoLo!

Sometimes you find a gluten-free bar that does in fact taste gluten-free. There are no two ways around it, yes, you can tell what’s gluten-free by the first bite. SoLo Gi does a good job by not tasting gluten-free. Though, hmmm, maybe that weird taste is the ‘gluten-free’ of it. Wow.

I would of course buy more of the SoLo Gi bars on my own, because despite any of the shortcomings, they still tasted good, and did exactly what they are supposed to do. A company that comes through on their promise of providing a service like low glycemic energy is good. I’m a big guy who works hard and parents hard and I will make sure that I have these SoLo Gi bars handy to me in the future.

If you have any energy issues like I do, or want to try one, go get one. I give it a solid thumbs up.


All opinions in this review are my own words. I was not paid or swayed in anyway – Jordan Middlebrook

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