I Review Simply Protein Chips

Did you read THIS BLOG? Where I talk about not reading the label of a gluten free product? Well, it’s only fair that I review it. Simply Protein Chips, click HERE for their site, comes in three flavours, and as of a week ago I had no clue they even existed. That’s not really my fault, I wasn’t searching them out or anything. One of the greatest things about having Celiac Disease and needing to be 100% gluten free is that companies try all sorts of different alternatives with food and come up with some really nifty ideas. Some work out, some don’t. Not everyone can be the best.

Simply Protein Chip Bag
This is their picture of the product taken straight off of their website

Simply Protein Chips are pretty good at being good. Made of pea protein and are better for you on many levels. They even show you a nifty chart on their site about how it’s better for you. Better for weigh loss or dieting or weening yourself of other snacks (I’m not to sure how that last one works, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s their company, they can do whatever they want). I snagged a bag of BBQ flavoured chips, not for the BBQ, but because it had grilled tomatoes on the front of the bag and that intrigued me. I don’t even think I saw BBQ printed on the bag when I grabbed it, just the tomatoes. Grilled tomatoes. I ate them in the truck, and while at the time I didn’t consider making a review of the product, I will give you my thoughts on it.

chip bag
This is my picture of the product as I ate them and pulled over to take a picture of it (I’m totally a professional)

You know that smell of fresh dirt? My first bite kind or reminded me of that. It really isn’t a bad thing, it’s like the smell of fresh cut grass. Every one likes it, but if you can taste how something smells then you’ve got something. It didn’t affect the flavour because it was kind of heart warming for me. Reminded me of home, this could be a great comfort food if there wasn’t so much emphasis on it being a healthy food. The home run of the BBQ flavoured Simply Protein Chips with the grilled tomatoes on the bag is that they really taste like tomato soup. How does any other company compete with that? Tomato soup in chip form? I’m sold. It’s spicy and sweet and tastes like tomato soup, you have to get a bag to try it.

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