I Review Giddy YoYo

This week and next, you’re going to find out one or two things about me. This week isn’t a huge shocker or anything; I don’t like dark chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate. Just not dark chocolate. I have found that since I have started blogging and doing reviews of food, I’m taking more chances at trying food I don’t usually like, and it all starts and all thanks to a solid Canadian company: Giddy YoYo (website HERE).

Case in point: dark chocolate.

Giddy YoYo has two things going for it: it makes chocolate and it’s Canadian (okay, there’s more: the food is gluten-free and vegan). I was able to get my hands on some of their raw, organic and fair trade chocolate to taste, test and review. I was both pleasantly surprised and distastefully disappointed. I was able to choose all the food that was sent my way for review, so I only had myself to blame.

Like my new white background?

Raw Hundo Dark Chocolate. I’m talking 100% cocoa. 100%, it blows my mind that this bar exists. Knowing that it does, you have to remember that Giddy YoYo doesn’t call their chocolate bars ‘candy’ it’s called food. These bars are packed with protein and are what you might call; healthy chocolate. Nothing about these says candy. I felt that way when I ate the Raw Hundo bar. I didn’t like it. It was harsh and powerful and tasted a lot like raw chocolate, which I know it’s supposed to be, but It’s apparent it wasn’t for me. It stuck to my tongue and I didn’t like the way it coated the inside of my mouth. A coating of 100% raw dark chocolate that was sure to make me hate the rest of the Giddy YoYo food I was to taste.

Not the case.


I like my chocolate sweet. No mint, no orange, nothing. So 63% sweet dark chocolate was closer to something up my alley. It’s still dark but I’m all about trying new things (especially bringing my awesome choice words about the gluten-free food I eat to my readers). This was good food. There was no harsh dark chocolate flavour, just a smooth ride all the way to the stomach. I found myself craving more after each and every bite. It was truly a different flavour than other dark chocolate I’ve had. I would want to go so far as to spread a rumour that Giddy YoYo puts crack in the chocolate, but they don’t, so don’t tell people that.

You’d think that ginger and 76% cocoa don’t go together. If you think that, you’re wrong. The first thing that hit me when I opened the wrapper: Christmas. Specifically Christmas morning at my grandparents house. It was a powerful memory triggered by smell and I have to say, made me like the Ginger bar a lot more. Even though I do not like dark chocolate, I found myself wanting more and more of this. Whether it was the memory of my passed on grandparents brought back with each bite or the eternal feeling of Christmas; I didn’t care. There is no doubt in  my mind that I looked like a crazy person, constantly smelling this before, after and during the eating process, but I LOVED THIS BAR!

Ginger and chocolate. BEST COMBO EVER

Giddy YoYo gets it’s Ecuadorian chocolate raised in mineral rich soil using the freshest spring water and grown in remote environments completely free of chemicals. The food itself is untouched by GMO and solvents and metals that usually come with bringing food to market. It makes Giddy YoYo one of the fore-runners in the healthy chocolate industry. Me, being a diagnosed celiac, it’s nice to have a good tasting bar to go to for when I need that fix of gluten-free chocolate, so big plus there. I like what they’re doing to bring good food to the masses, it’s healthy to see a small company do that…. plus they made chocolate that made me think of Gramma and Grandpa.

I want you to go to to the Giddy YoYo website by clicking HERE and getting your hands on the ginger bar and telling me what you think of it. Please. Thanks. 🙂

I was neither paid nor swayed in any way regarding this review. All of these words are mine and mine alone.

– Jordan Middlebrook

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