I Review Fire in the Kitchen

I like food that is pleasing to the mouth. That seems like a really weird statement, but then again, every person is different. Chicken fried rice comes to mind, it’s both sweet and savoury. The opposite of bland and spicy.  One type of food I actively try to avoid is spicy food. I’ve never been a fan of it and I have missed out on some pretty good chicken wings because of it.

You know I don’t like dark chocolate, and since this has been a few weeks of learning things about me; you just learned that I don’t like spicy food. This week, again, I was swayed to think different. Not through money or influence, but flavour and taste.

Fire in the Kitchen (website HERE) is another Canadian company that makes a plethora of gluten-free seasonings and rubs, pickles and even a Ceaser glass rimming salt. All bases are covered with what this company has done to bring new and interesting choices to your home and to your plate. I’m a firm believer in going with your gut and doing what you feel is right, and Fire in the Kitchen surprised me with a few packets of food. The one I used was the Rib Rub. A dry rub that traditionally should go on ribs…not in my house….it went on chicken.

Now there is a traditional meal. Meat and potatoes.
Now there is a traditional meal. Meat and potatoes.

What can you say about a rub that you’re scared about eating? Why was I scared? It has spicy, it  said it right on the package. And as you know spice ain’t my bag, but WOW was I impressed. This was really nothing like I remember eating. The combination of brown sugar sweetness combined with heat was something I never expected. The balance of flavour and heat was pure excellence. A heat that didn’t stay in my mouth and hang around. It teased my taste buds for a few seconds longer after I swallowed and was gone.

I have never encountered a spicy food like this.

I would never purposely go out and buy food like hot sauce or chili’s but if I saw Fire in the Kitchen’s Rib Rub I would buy another bag for myself. Not only would I try it on the food it’s meant for (ribs), I would unleash it on unsuspecting friends that don’t like spicy food (I’m looking at you Sam) and surprise them with this unique food.

Get in on this.
Get in on this.

I have celiac disease and therefore maintain a completely 100% gluten-free diet and sometimes finding GF spices or something different like that for my food is difficult. Not this week, not this time. Being out there like I am as a blogger, as King Gluten Free, I come across foods of all kinds that make life that much easier, and tastier. Fire in the Kitchen has this game down pat. You might need convincing on your own terms, but if you check out their website and see what they have to offer, you might be tempted to try something else.

I want to get my hands on that Burger Batter. Even the name alone makes me want to try it.


I was neither paid nor swayed in any way regarding this review. All of these words are mine and mine alone.

– Jordan Middlebrook

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