I Review a Gluten-Free Brownie

When you think about gluten-free brownies, do you think about fruit? I guess you would if you were eating a vegan brownie as well. At least it’s not kale and chocolate or some other weird-ass combination, not unlike banana beef. Then again, I could see the benefits of a banana-beef muffin if that were to ever exist. Maybe I’m not in the write area? Maybe I should stop blogging and start making the weirdest combination foods for the gluten-free sector. Just think about it; custard and bacon…. trust me, it’ll grow on you. 🙂

Banana-beef. Anyone?

I had the privilege of tasting and therefore reviewing Just Berried Brownies from a small Canadian baker named Sweet Gluten Freedom. You can check out their Facebook page HERE and then actually think about the name of the bakery. Probably my favourite name of anything that has to do with gluten. I could see it catching on as an exclamation to the amazing things that happen around us.

“I just one the lottery. I now have one million dollars”

“Sweet Gluten Freedom thats a lot of money”

These brownies are a chocolate and raspberry mix. It keeps the brownie really moist for a long period of time. Considering I left them on the counter for a fews days after I tasted them, then went back and had a few more. So, that’s pretty cool. Agave nectar, coconut milk whats not to like?


While it’s a good tasting brownie. A plump piece of baked goods heaven, I didn’t like the fruit, and I’m a fruit guy. I like big chunks of fruit in my jam. I like the fruit on the bottom yogurt. I like fruit. Simple fact, but it was to overpowering. It really distracted from the chocolate taste and it’s supposed to be a chocolate brownie too. Sadly, I didn’t taste the chocolate. The only indication that it was chocolate of any kind was that the product was brown. I like chocolate as much as I like fruit, it’s just that the ratio was way off.

The name of the brownie: Just Berried Brownies, really should have been a heads up for me. There is no mention of chocolate in the title, but brownie to me means chocolate.

Sweet Gluten Freedom is still pretty small and slow to grow, but I see the potential in the food. GOOD gluten-free baked goods are hit and miss, and while the Just Berried Brownies are a miss for me that doesn’t mean they don’t have other products…. I just have to get my hands on them.

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  1. I’ve got some awesome fucking brownies.. they are to die for.. and no one knows its gf.

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