I Review O’Dough’s Gluten-Free Hot Dog Buns

There are a lot of hot dog buns out there in the gluten-free market place, almost all of them are good. Celiac Disease has come a long way in the years since I was diagnosed in 2008 and while there is a good chance the gluten-free fad will die out, the gluten-free food needs to stick around to help and support us 1 in 133 people diagnosed with an incurable disease.

Now that that’s out of the way: HOT DOG BUNS.


When I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease gluten-free hot dog buns were hard to come by, and even then, when you found them then were always freezer burned in that particular section of the grocery store, and the worst part is; they tasted horrible. I always just ended up eating the dogs without a bun. Dipping it in ketchup or mustard like an idiot. That is when you can spot a Celiac at a BBQ, the dummy dipping his hot dogs.

O’Doughs (click HERE for their site) has always been one of my favourite GF breads, and they make a real boss cake too. So when I was just recently able to get my hands on their gluten-free hot dogs buns, I jumped at the chance. I took into account that I actually hadn’t had a hot dog bun in probably three years. Find the O’Doughs buns were a score since I already like two other products of theirs.


You have to remember that with any gluten-free bread product you never really know what to expect; holes, mis-cut slices, mould? I dunno, O’Doughs has always been consistent with their products, so when I opened the packages and pulled out a bun; it was flat. Not due to shipping or squishing, its made flat. Okay I get it, so how do I get a dog in there? Well, it’s a big bun which is a plus, so you have to put two hot dogs in the bun. You have to use two to get more bang for your buck.


So are they worth it? If you need gluten-free hot dogs buns for a family BBQ, yes the O’Doughs buns are worth it. Do they taste good? I found them dry. They had an almost corn bread like taste/texture to them which was good, but they were dry, and I’m glad I put in two hot dogs in the bun because if I had to eat extra dog-less portions of the gluten-free hot dog bun, I would have just thrown it out. Those uneaten pieces would have sat on my plate alone, much like those girls at the 50s high school dance in Grease.


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