I Review Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Mix

Can you name five things you have in your food pantry that have just always been there? I bet it’s probably: a can of soup, old gravy packets, a half-opened-hard bag of brown sugar, food colouring and possibly hot BBQ sauce. All the things that just get moved around and hidden in the back of the cupboard. It’s not a big deal, everyone has these items. I had a bag of XO BAKING COMPANY pumpkin bread mix sitting in the cupboard for a year. I got it as a Christmas gift (if you read back at some of my posts, I get a lot of gluten-free food for Christmas).

When you have Celiac Disease like I do, and you like baked goods like I do, and you can’t bake worth shit, like I do. It’s important to find a great gluten-free company that does lot of the work for you and you know I love XO Baking and it should come as no surprise that this Gluten-Free Food Review is a positive one, so I’ll just get right to all the awesome stuff about the pumpkin bread mix. It’s moist when you make it, it’s not dry or crumbly, even after baking it and having it sit in the fridge for a few days, still moist.


No nuts. I’m not sure where this all started where bakers started putting nuts in their food, but it needs to end. XO Baking has it figured out, no nuts in the pumpkin bread mix.

This stuff tastes good. No matter what way you say it or spin it, XO Baking Company has a solid product with this pumpkin bread mix. It cooked nice and crusty on the top and held together when it was sliced. I probably could have put bacon and tomato on it and eaten it like a sammich…. I’m curious how that would taste now (Maybe a video is in my future? My own personal Gluten-Free Epic Meal Time).


I make one thing: PANCAKES and I’m not the greatest at making anything else, so when it came time to make the pumpkin bread my wife and three year old daughter took the reigns and did all the work. I just did all the eating. It’s a pretty rad exchange. You’ve already got the milk and eggs in the house, all we had to do was go to the store to get the pumpkin puree. Simple as pie. Mix it, slap it in a bread try and bake the shit out of it. XO Baking makes it easy for all of us to be like gourmet cooks, plus they use premium coconut flour and that stuff is the tits.

When you have Celiac Disease it’s really nice to know that because you have to eat 100% gluten-free, there is a company that makes great tasting food. And you can buy this online. Not every great company you find is available everywhere, but much like big brother, the internet os everywhere and you can just order some XO Baking products online (I suggest you do).

Seriously, XO Baking Company. They have great stuff.

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