Gluten-Free Chocolate Covered Pretzels

As a Celiac who has to eat 100% gluten-free you know that those special treats are hard to come by, and by special treats I mean candy bars and potato chips and all the little things we can indulge on. But thanks to Celiac Disease a lot of our past cravings have to take a back seat to healthier options like carrots or chia seeds (I don’t have a problem with any health food as a snack alternative, but that’s not what I’m here for today).

The two greatest words in the world are GLUTEN-FREE and when you slap those two words on chocolate covered pretzels you’ve probably got the most amazing this ever. As a Celiacateer finding chocolate covered pretzels is actually a lot tougher than you think. A local baker or an independent grocer might be able to make them, and at a premium price (add in the money making words like gluten-free, then you’ll be paying extra on top of extra). The accessibility of Glutino chocolate covered pretzels is pretty awesome, they’re right there in the GF aisle at my local grocer and while they pack a hefty price, they are excellent. Glutino makes the best, THE BEST chocolate covered gluten-free pretzels.


You can fight me on this all you want. I’m not backing down. To be honest, I’m not ever sure if there is another brand of GF choco pretz (I gotta admit I’ve said chocolate covered pretzel a lot in this blog, and from the looks of it, I’m going to be saying it a whole whack more), because Glutino is just a dominant force for pretzels, how could there be another brand (in retrospect, I never looked for another brand)


Usually we can always remember what our favourite food is and where we had the best part of our favourite food. Like the name of the restaurant where we had the greatest burger or the first bite of strawberry shortcake that melted in your mouth. I remember when I had the greatest chocolate covered pretzels, it was my honeymoon in 2005, Disney World. They made these chocolate covered pretzels and sold them at the Goofy Candy Shop, damn they were good. But that dream is gone, and is now replaced with weekly injections of Glutino gluten-free chocolate covered pretzels.


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