I Review WOW Baking Company

I’m not a huge lemon lover. Lemon tarts or cakes or cookies, but at Christmas time, my mother in law bought me a package of WOW Baking Company’s Lemon Burst cookies and holy crap they’re awesome. Soft and moist and they do not kid when they say “lemon burst”, it’s like taking the smell of Pledge and putting it in cookie form (that may seem like a bad idea but really it’s not).


look at all that awesome food

I got my hands on a whole line-up of gluten-free WOW Baking Company cookies and I gotta tell you, all of them are good.

WOW Baking Company cookies aren’t available to me locally in the supermarkets so I had to get my hand on the whole line-up of cookies to review, and what a line up: Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Ginger Molasses, Lemon Burst and Snickerdoodle. ??? Now, I’ve never had a Snickerdoodle before, and I always thought it was some kind of American tradition (plus the cookie’s origins are both US and German related) and being a Canadian and never had a Snickerdoodle available to me I was both confused and curious about the whole thing, then of course I found out, a Snickerdoodle is just a cookie rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

So, WOW Baking Company cookies. Pass or fail?

Pass. I’ve never had a more chewy mass produced big company gluten-free cookie EVER.

I always let my daughter taste test the food that comes my way, and she gives them a passing grade of good. Or some other word she mumbled through a mouthful of chocolate chip cookie.


this kid kills me

Gluten-free cookies are often hard, taste a little stale and crumble like they’re under interrogation, but not the WOW Baking Company gluten-free cookies. It says right on the front of the bag; moist, chewy, delicious. Never, in regards to gluten-free cookies, has a statement been more true.

Do you have Celiac? Are you 100% gluten-free? I ask because at some point before you were diagnosed you must have eaten Chewy Chips Ahoy and if you miss those cookies. If you miss dining them in milk and eating them while watching Saturday morning cartoons on FOX, then you need to get your mitts on the WOW Baking Company’s Chocolate Chip cookies. They taste so close to Chips Ahoy it breaks your heart.


If you can find a WOW Baking Company product, give them a try. I like them. Click HERE to go to their website and learn more about the food they make and practices they use.

If you really know what a Snickerdoodle is, tell me. I’m still unclear about it.

An extra special treat. And by that I mean I got an extra special treat. The Ginger Molasses cookies were really good and the day I was tasting them and figuring out if I liked them or not, I realized I was in fact walking around the house with the bag, and that yes, I do like them. Plus I ate the whole bag, and anyone else that wanted to try them was fat out of luck. I ate them like a boss. Here is my story.

ginger1here they are right out of the cupboard and walking around the kitchen

ginger3into my room to fold…wait a second I still have cookies, eh whatever. Hope you like crumbs in your underwear while I put them away. Ha ha best husband ever.

ginger2Yeah, no one else gets cookies, you think I’m letting this little guy get any? Look at him stare at me. That look in his eyes is just a look of death. Like a tiger looks at his prey. I’m not to worried, my cat is a jerk anyway. 

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