I Review Marcelle’s Kitchen Gluten Free Pancakes

You’ve been a round long enough to know that I love pancakes right? You know that in September I reviewed Maddington Farms gluten free pancakes mix and it was pretty good, but it was only number two on the list next to XO Baking Company and their amazing pancake mix. Well I’m sorry Maddington Farms you’re being demoted to number 3, because I gotta tell ya, Marcelle’s Kitchen gluten free pancake mix has just stepped up to the plate an knocked out one hell of a home run.


You can trust me when I tell you whats a good pancake and whats not because I know my shit. If there is one thing I know, besides Robocop, Wizard of Oz and having Celiac, its’ pancakes. I’ve had my fair share of terrible gluten free pancakes, and I’m willing to try any pancake at least once. I once brought pancake mix to a guys weekend and forced all the dudes to eat them, and well, they were terrible and I left the bag at my buddy’s because I wanted nothing to do with it. But if a mix is good, I will guard it with my life and make sure no one gets their paws on it.

Thats what Marcelle’s Kitchen gluten free pancake mix was like.

Now I have reviewed this bakery before, but it was the whole bakery. A few select goodies that they make, but just a few weeks ago I was out and about and stopped at Marcelle’s Kitchen just to grab a few things and decided to buy their ready made mixes. I’m happy I did. I tested them out on my daughter and wife too, and while I listen to them sometimes about how a product tastes, they agreed these pancakes were good.

2I love them. Hell, they bumped another company back just to get to number 2.

The ingredients call for sour cream (I know, weird) and that threw me for a loop, but after you add it then eat it; you’ll get it. Trust me.

Marcelle’s Kitchen is a complete gluten free bakery. Zero cross contamination and is nestled in the back of a knick knack shop in the middle of Port Perry, Ontario, but luckily some of their products are available online. Sadly, the pancake mix is not. So you have to go there to get it. And you should, you won’t regret it.

I have to drive an hour East to get it.

An hour is a small price to pay for awesome pancakes.

Now if I can get someone to cook them as good as I do.


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