I Review Glutino Cereal

When I do a Gluten-Free Food Review I always try to do one for the little guy. I’m never paid to do them or swayed by any one company to make sure that that said review is favourable. But, every so often I come across a food made by the nationwide companies that is really good or surprising, and I just have to tell everyone.

We’ve all heard of Glutino. A company steeped in out brains that they are gluten-free, hell, their name is GLUTINO how could you not forget about them. A company that is right there at every grocery store in the gluten-free aisle. A company that pretty much creates a GF alternate to every food. The first company I was introduced to when I was first diagnosed.

Now, some of their food is hit and miss. Some of it isn’t for me, and some I would tell you to go to the store and buy and stock up, but the other day I was at Mom’s (who is also a diagnosed Celiac) and she had no food in the fridge for me to eat. As a Son, I reserve the right to just go an eat whatever leftover food my Mom has (in the past, Mom has had to write ‘do not eat’ on her food because I will get at it. I’m an awesome Son). But nothing. So I resorted to looking in the cupboard. Cereal. I had to eat cereal.


Lo and behold, Glutino has a cereal I’ve never heard of. The name a lone baffles me to my core: Frosted Sensible Beginnings. WHAT! But at the same time, what an awesome name. I get it though. It’s the GF alternative to Frosted Flakes and I haven’t had Frosted Flakes in years, so I was all over that.

First thoughts. It smelled like stale paint. Like when you open a can of paint after ten years and its all hard useless. That was what it smelled like. Instantly I was turned off and wasn’t about to eat it. Then my change of heart happened and I was like, this is a good entry for the website. So I powered through. What did I find? Gluten-Free food has a habit of being harder and has a stale texture to it sometimes, and while this cereal was just like that the taste was great. Amazing. Mind blowing. The subtlety of the frosting was great and mixed well with the milk. It pleased me.

While it wasn’t Frosted Flakes, it was good.

I’m heading to Mom’s right now. Guess what I’m going to have a bowl of?

Good job Glutino.

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