I Review Gluten-Free Snack Cakes

I do love my snack cakes, so let’s do a Gluten-Free Food Review about them.

There was a time when I lived with my Mom and in the corner of the kitchen in the corner cupboard she had hidden a treasure trove of lunchtime snacks: Flakies, Ah Caramels and Jos. Louis. Since I have been diagnosed, of course I haven’t been able to feast on these treats since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and all the gluten-free goodies that have come out will never NEVER be as good as those snacks. Well, as you might have guessed it, I was able to find and eat and love a snack cake that tastes so close to a Jos. Louis, you might slap my face and tell me otherwise.


All But Gluten (click HERE for the website) is a Canadian company that you can find in Walmart and they sell the usual bad for you food like cookies and coconut macaroons, they have bread too, so don’t think they’re all bad. This one time I was walking past the All But Gluten section at the local Wallymart I saw this box and I had to have it. I had to taste it. I had to know if they in fact tasted like my old favourite: the Jos. Louis.


Traditional Jos. Louis are chocolate cakes with a vanilla cream frosting. I opted for the vanilla cake/cream combo. I was not disappointed. The dipped chocolate was good, of course. The cake itself isn’t super moist, but it was the closest thing to a Jos. Louis us diagnosed Celiacs will ever get. They even come wrapped individually in clear plastic.

unnamedthis is an All But Gluten chocolate snack cake, look how close it resembles a Jos. Louis

The explosion of flavour was enough for me to buy another box and try out the chocolate version. There were two things I noticed about it; 1) it doesn’t taste as good and 2) the top and bottom halves of the cakes kept sliding around using the cream as a weird slip and slide. In a world where poorly made gluten-free bread might crumble in your hands, having a snack cake try to escape my mouth wasn’t cool.

Having Celiac sometimes means that we need to choose healthier items when having dessert after  lunch. I really don’t want to eat baby carrots every day after my sandwich. It’s nice to see that All That Gluten is expanding it’s line to include these snack cakes. I feel it’s just for me. While you might think the 1 out of 133 people diagnosed with Celiac might have something to do with it, you don’t. It’s all me. I want them, so I get them.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if that was the case? You just want a GF alternative to something and then it happens? Yeah, and unicorns are real.

Hope I didn’t kill anyone’s dreams with that realization?

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