I Review Gluten-Free Biscotti

You have Celiac Disease? Do you have NCGS? Are you a person that doesn’t want to eat gluten because it’s awesome and so good for you? What if you’re on a plane and want to eat something? Guess what, airlines haven’t jumped on the bandwagon with the gluten-free stuff, not all the way yet.

You have to love a Gluten-Free Food Review when it’s about a product that could be available to us at times when we (as in Celiacateers) didn’t think we could get it. This sentence made no sense. Carry on….

I’ve been able to get my hands on an ‘in testing’ phase of a GF biscotti from a local bakery named Marcelle’s Kitchen. You may have heard about this place because I have blogged about them twice,  and you can click HERE and HERE to read them; and both times they have been positive. Well, brace yourselves, I might have to break that streak.



My mom was recently at the completely gluten-free bakery with zero cross contamination, Marcelle’s Kitchen and found out some wonderful news; an airline (name undisclosed as of yet) has contacted the all gluten-free bakery to create a GF food product to use on their planes. So while my Mom was there I was able to get myself a free sample of what Marcelle’s Kitchen has decided to make: Biscotti.

From the get go, I am the worst person to taste test or review biscotti. The very simple reason of that is because I hate biscotti. I can only assume the gluten-free biscotti tastes only worse that regular. I opened the package right there at Mom’s place and I said “No”.

Then I was schooled.

Dude, you have to eat biscotti with coffee.


I don’t know that. But I do know coffee. So, then next day I sat down, and like Sheldon Cooper testing eggs, I dipped my biscotti then bit my biscotti, then revelled in the awesome taste of this biscotti. I have been eating biscotti wrong for years. It was an explosion of flavour. I detected hints of cinnamon, cranberries, nutmeg and best of all no gluten.

If this is the product that Marcelle’s Kitchen is going with to provide gluten-free options on in-flight meals and snacks, I say thee yes. If you’re on a plane and you get the option of muffin or Marcelle’s Bakery biscotti (while I’m a muffin man, and if the muffins were GF I personally would go for the muffin) You go for the biscotti. I only say that because you at least need to know how I feel about these little fingers of taste.

If you don’t live anywhere near Port Parry, Ontario and can’t get to Marcelle’s Kitchen, just be thankful that this place has the greatest gluten-free goods on the planet. So please support them (I am in no way influenced by this company, I just really like their food).

Whatever the airline it is that’s gets these bad boys; good job.

And good job Marcelle’s Kitchen.

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