My Sister Review’s Chēbē Bread

Around here, I’m not the only gluten-free guy. I’m also not the only diagnosed Celiac on the planet. I’m sure people know people and then know people, but I got to tell you, I’m the only guy I know around here that has his own website and is the greatest Gluten-Free blogger in the world. I’m also they guy that get’s asked about what GF food is good and what’s not, and if you know me, I don’t hold back. I give 100% honest food reviews. That’s what I do here with my Gluten-Free Food Reviews (GFFR).

Sometimes I get people telling me that I HAVE to try this product or that product and usually I do. My sister Katrina is no different, since she has gone Gluten-Free she is trying all kinds of food now and passing the ideas to try on to me. Well, she was all about this Chēbē Bread pizza dough product.

Here, let her tell you. So here is Katrina:


Sitting at home with a bronchial infection I couldn’t think of what I wanted to eat.

I walk to the pantry and I notice the box of Chēbē pizza crust sitting there waiting for me to make & eat.

The unmade product wasn’t very appealing. It just looked like a bag of baking soda.

I went to the kitchen & I grabbed all the ingredients. They crazy thing is, it asks for a cup of shredded cheese in the crust….how amazing is that?

So as I preparing the dough my mouth is watering. The smell of onion & dough fill my nose. Oh gosh. Delicious.

So I did the kneading, flipping & thinning out on the ungreased pan.

Now, I used what is in the house for toppings, which isn’t much.

I spread garlic on the crust then pasta sauce.

I put green olives & pineapple as the toppings. Sweet & salty. Then I added the cheese. I debated it, but I put in a little bit.

I was very impatient while it baked. I get that from my father. I even took it out when the timer was at 15 mins. I put it back in for 3 more mins. 18 in total.

I pulled the sweet looking pizza pie out of the oven and instantly drooled.

I poured a glass of water. Grabbed some sweet Thai chili sauce to dip my pizza in and went right to my living room to devour it.

My first bite. Was amazing. I didn’t know whether I should cry with excitement or just smile and keep eating… I kept eating.

So my end result of Chēbē pizza crust is a 10/10. I’m in love.

Now, I need to find out where it is sold. I picked up this box at Homesense and they don’t usually get repeats on stock.

So Chēbē send me over more of your product. I need to get my fingers and mouth on it.

Aaaaaand scene.


I’m back. But I gotta tell you this. Katrina was texting me to try this pizza dough, so I did. She ended up giving me half the pizza, and after the first bite I was hooked. Katrina didn’t steer me wrong. I was driving while I was eating and each piece was gone by the time I left the road she lives on. I have NEVER had a pizza crust that tastes so close to the regular pizza you see all the other non-diagnosed Celiacs eating.

You have to get Chēbē Bread and you have to eat the shit out of it.

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  1. Chebe pizza crust is the best… pre baking and once layed out in pan poke all over with a fork really helps. My favorite by far. In PA and NJ shoprite carries this brand…

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