Does the Label Say Gluten Free

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There is always one rule when you go shopping and you have Celiac or need to be gluten free for some reason, check the labels. How much can we as a community support this one rule? How many times do we all have to get in your face and tell you to check the label? Just pick up the bag and look at the fucking label. Simple. Check the label.

I didn’t check the label.

We all know by now that every store has a gluten free aisle or a natural foods aisle, whatever the case is. It’s that one aisle to get us in there to buy what we need. There is a food at every store in the neighbourhood that has something that another store doesn’t have and we as diagnosed Celiacs have to go to each and every store to get what we need to finish our list.

The bulk foods store has a gluten free aisle, and rightly so it should. It’s the compendium of baked goods and should have a plethora of food stuffs. They have cookies, mixes, boxes of crackers; it really is a Celiacateers paradise. While not every brand of GF food is there, you will be guaranteed to find something you like at the local bulk foods store. This one particular day, hanging at the end of a hook smack dab in the middle of the gluten free aisle was a new kind of snack food. Small bag and the flavour was right up my alley, so without looking, I snatched it off it’s hook, bought it and didn’t even think about reading the label. It was in the gluten free aisle why would I even give it a second thought?


Half way down the road in the truck I opened the bag and started eating. I was half way through the bag when it dawned on me, I never checked the label. I broke the cardinal rule and let my stomach do all the thinking. What if some half hearted reject from a monster movie decided to put up wheat based food on that hook? What if the new guy had no clue about what gluten free means and just threw up the snack anywhere there was space?

Boy was I in trouble.

My heart skipped a beat when I looked down at the half eaten bag and realized it was gluten free, says so right on the bag. Big bolt letters right on the front.

I was saved.

But I pulled a boner when I didn’t read the label.

So, check the label or else next time, it might be a handful of something worse than hurt pride.

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