Chuck E. Cheese does Gluten-Free

Great things come along once in a while for anyone diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Recently My wife, daughter and I took a nice family afternoon and went to Chuck E. Cheese, who you can check out HERE, for food and games and sticky fingers. It was great. When we came home, my mother in-law seemed disappointed that I wasn’t able to eat there. Boy was she wrong.

Remember, I said every so often something good comes along?

While the fact that Chuck E. Cheese offers gluten-free food probably isn’t a surprise to a lot of people (I, in fact knew about it for a while and just never had a chance to hit it up) it was a surprise to me how easy it was.  Easy as in, right there on the menu on the wall it says in bold print: GLUTEN FREE. I only ordered the pizza, but you get the point. Even the guy at the desk was helpful. Explained how they cook it and how it gets to me.

“sealed for your protection” Music to my ears.

Still, the best is yet to come.

Anything I’m telling you, you can find out on their website. They state right there how they serve the GF food to you or your party. But then you wouldn’t get my awesome experience.

The pizza comes from the third party manufacture (only a GF cheese pizza) in a cookable bag. They cook the gluten-free pizza in a bag. There is no threat of cross contamination and no worries about your stomach or buttonhole being destroyed by gluten. They deliver it to your table all wrapped and safe. A sealed gluten-free meal that I have NEVER been more proud to have in front of me. No diagnosed Celiac can feel any more safer than I did eating at Chuck E. Cheese.

It’s just a personal pizza, which I will tell you, is not King Gluten Free sized. I’m a big meal eating kind of man, and a personal pizza isn’t gonna cut it. Now, I’m not sure if the bakeable bag affects the way the pizza cooks, but I get the feeling, my GF pizza crust was a little under cooked. I’ve eaten GF pizza before and I’ve had many different kinds, so I know what a cooked crust tastes like: this was no it. If it wasn’t cooked or not, it tasted good. I assume if it was cooked, it would be better.

As a diagnosed Celiac; pre made gluten free pizza is gluten free pizza. Hit and miss.

So the best part?

You get a personal sized pizza sitting in front of you and no one has cut it for you. WHAT THE HELL?!? Fear not, because, like I said, the best is yet to come. With each GF menu you get a personal, individually wrapped, clearly labelled GF pizza cutter. That is dedication.



All I want to do now is eat at Chuck E Cheese and play ticket games and watch my daughter get distracted by the blinking lights surrounding us, she’s so much like me. And a huge ups to Chuck E Cheese for doing all the people needing to eat gluten-free food a solid. It’s always good to know we can eat in peace, and spend less time worrying and more time laughing with our families.

Tried to take a nice pic, kid was distracted by all the blinking lights.
Tried to take a nice pic, kid was distracted by all the blinking lights. It’s like a casino for kids.

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