Children Should Get Tested for Celiac

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I am no medical professional, but really, if there is another person in your immediate family that is diagnosed with Celiac, and your child exhibits signs of Celiac, then they should get tested. I think that is a given. But what age should they be tested? Is there a start time at which you can get the little tykes checked?

Generally, it’s ages 2 or 3. Anyone under that, the tests might not be too accurate because for the blood test the antibodies might not be present. If the kid is on a full and regular gluten filled diet, there really should be no problem. Don’t let the age fool you though, just like adults getting tested for Celiac Disease you’ll need to do the full run of tests to achieve a correct result: blood and biopsy.

There are at least 200 symptoms of Celiac Disease, and while Celiac Disease is the most common autoimmune disease on the planet, the symptoms could be other tricky little things. Other diseases like Crohn’s or Cystic Fibrosis share similarities and that’s why we get tested for Celiac.

Especially if you have a family member diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It’s hereditary.


Undiagnosed Celiac can destroy your body, and imagine if a toddler had Celiac and went untested for years? Malnutrition, stunted growth, bowels all messed up, cancer. All things that can happen if someone goes undiagnosed with Celiac (provided they have it). It’s important to have children checked for Celiac if they are showing signs of the disease. It’s an easy test, and it’s an easy thing to maintain. A 100% gluten-free diet is so easy and much better than taking pills the rest of your life.

Out of all the diseases, Celiac is the jackpot. It’s manageable with diet. It’s unique that all you have to do is avoid gluten and your body will repair itself from the damage done by gluten poisoning your body.

A child who can’t speak can’t tell you what’s wrong. We have to trust our instincts and parents and trust our parenting instincts with what our doctors think. Some doctors aren’t on the celiac train and pass it off as something else, but if you can arm yourself with enough information then you can attempt to get the results you need.

I am no medical professional, I only feel deeply about children getting checked if they have the signs of Celiac. A child going undiagnosed or a child who isn’t even checked for Celiac (with signs) could develop a lot of problems in their future life, so for their sake, get them tested.

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