A Parent, A Child and Celiac Disease

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For the sake of argument, lets say that a child is anyone below the age of being a teenager. It’s much easier to establish a child as a person who needs to be taken care of by their parents or guardians for prolonged periods of time.

There are people out there that do what they can to spread the word about celiac disease. There are individuals out there that advocate about the severity, importance and seriousness about celiac disease. They do that for the people who can’t or won’t do it for themselves. Creating a little celiac disease awareness goes a long way for those who don’t have a voice, and that’s why parents of a child diagnosed with celiac disease are the biggest and BEST celiac advocates out there.

No one cares for their child more than a parent and that’s why they are the best advocates for celiac disease. Children born with celiac disease or diagnosed early in life, need that one person, or two people to get out there in the community and educate those around about the severity of celiac disease; about the dangerousness of what crumbs of bread, a small amount of gluten can do to their child. Parents are the greatest raisers of celiac awareness.

As a parent of a diagnosed celiac, it can be tough to see your child struggle to fit in or attempt to be a part of the crowd when food is being served at a birthday party, but because the parents are the true champions, you know that gluten-free food is being handled and served properly and safely and that the question of celiac disease is being raised with positivity.

There is no shame in telling other people that your child can’t come to a party because you’re concerned about the food and how safe it might not be. The job of any parent is to protect their child and make sure they are safe. Even if it’s from food, or other less-than-diligent parents at parties. It’s also absolutely fine to send your little boy or girl, who has celiac disease, to a party with their own gluten-free food. There is no wrong way to take care of your child who has been diagnosed with celiac disease. As a parent, there is no wrong way to make sure they are safe.

Children teaching children about celiac disease can be daunting. I’m not a child or a parent of a child with celiac, but I know what I was like as a young dude and can attest to the fact that trying to live, grow up, in a world where everything is challenged and looked at with a negative eye, it must be difficult. Bullying, peer pressure, the mob mentality; there is a lot that can go wrong when trying to grow up with celiac disease in a world that still. doesn’t. it.

There are things that can go wrong, but the parents and guardians are there for the support that every child needs. Parents have every right to flex their muscle (so to speak) when helping their boy/girl get along. No one has to be the same as the other, no child has to fit in anywhere, they just have to be themselves and do whats right. That’s where the supportive and nurturing love of family comes in. By your example, little Billy or June will grow up with a better acceptance of who they are and who they will be as they get older.

No one says parenting is easy. Throw in the barely understood celiac disease and you’ve got an extra hurdle.

If you, as a parent are understanding of their disease, they in turn will be understanding of what life has to offer them. It always starts with the parents. Parents are the people they look up to. Adults are the ones who are supposed to lead them through life. With positive thinking, reinforcement and love, it’s all good. Celiac Disease or not.

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