A Celiac Open Letter

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Dear Harry

We don’t talk much, it’s no fault of my own. It’s a two way streak and the blame is equally put on both of us (as much as I’d like to put more blame on you, it’s still that is just a whole other kettle of fish and something I don’t feel like getting into). Since I don’t want to talk to you face to face, or on the phone, or even through text message, I just wanted to get a letter to you about something that has been bothering me for a while.

Celiac Disease. I know you know what that it, because I have it, and my Mom has it. This isn’t new information to you, but maybe the symptoms are. You know all my life I had bathroom issues. Pooing after every meal. Always feeling sick to my stomach. Even my fair share of emotional issues, when I was diagnosed with Celiac and went on a gluten-free diet, a lot of that changed. I feel better since being diagnosed in 2008 and I feel that my life span might expand a little bit more because of it. Not every person that has constant stomach aches or whatever has Celiac or needs to go on a gluten-free diet and not every person with Celiac or Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity has the same symptoms. Yes there could be a ‘typical’ set, but not everyone is the same. Mom and I were polar opposites.

You’ve had your ups and downs in the past, but in relation to your body I wonder if getting checked out to see if you have Celiac Disease is right for you? You bounced back from lung surgery in a days time when they removed the cancerous crap. You seemed to have handled your mental health issues with a greater ease far more than anyone I know. So why am I bringing up Celiac Disease in a letter when we don’t talk about anything else, ever? Because your health is still important and the majority of men diagnosed is lower than you could imagine. You’re a man who’s past issues could have been because of undiagnosed Celiac. You’re a lot older than me and your body’s natural aging takes its toll yearly, but what if you did have Celiac? Maybe some damage could be reversed over time with a gluten-free diet?

I’m not telling you to go and ask your doctor for a test, I’m telling you that if I look back at your life and what I know of it, maybe Celiac Disease and your intake of gluten played a factor in some of your milestones.  Plus, we share blood and you may or may not know Celiac Disease is hereditary.

Don’t take our absent relationship as ignorance for your health, because I do still care about you and I would hate to see you get extremely sick and in any worse case die. We don’t a have a lot in common anymore and we grew apart, but telling you my concerns about your predisposition to the possibility of having Celiac Disease maybe we can become friends again. Maybe we can be as close as we once were. Who knows?

I’m no doctor, fuck I’m no expert on Celiac either, but what knowledge I do have I can arm you with for the future, I hope you don’t have Celiac Disease. No body wants that. Maybe this letter will open a new line of communication? Who knows?

You can choose to listen to me or not, your choice. Since I thought this, I would feel bad if I didn’t say anything to you in regards to it.


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